How to spend less time on social media in 3 steps.

Today I want to talk about what works for me when it comes to spending less time on social media and how you can try these tips yourself.

I know we all love Instagram, and YouTube is a website that we spend the most time on, but there needs to be a limit, especially if the time used on these platforms is not used correctly and wisely.

If you are spending lots of time on social media for your work or personal business, then this post is not for you. This post is for those of you, myself included, who sometimes spend 2 hours watching Shane’s videos and as a bonus an extra hour of people debating each other on topics that don’t even interest you.

How often do you find yourself avoiding working on your business or on your school assignments by watching OzzyManReviews (or any other YouTuber that is funny but not informative)?

It’s addictive. The Internet gives us so many opportunities to do good that we get overwhelmed and end up doing something that is not benefiting anyone.

If you want to spend less time on social media you will need to be clear on why you want to do it and what you will do instead.

The problem now is that we are so easily tricked into believing we are learning something when we are just losing our brain cells.

Mokokoma Mokhonoana said: Most social media users sometimes like statements they do not understand.

I see this when I look at how I used to spend time on the Internet. I would watch long videos of people with a lot of titles, thinking that if I just listen then I will understand, and that led me to create opinions on topics I had no idea about and to believe some things that I actually didn’t want to believe in.

All that just because I read something or watched a video without having any clue on what the words they were speaking meant.

Social media does that to us. Once we get bored we can watch videos that are not doing us any favors, when we could do something much more beneficial and useful.

Without further ado, here are three things that you can do to spend less time on social media:

  • Only follow people that a) you admire, b) teach you things that you want to learn, and c) share the news you want to hear about. Just recently I unfollowed about 30 people on all of my platforms because I didn’t feel happy following them anymore. I constantly look through who I follow on my Instagram and Twitter and unfollow those who don’t make me feel good anymore.
  • Only have two social media apps on your phone (especially if you are on 6 of them). Minimize the number of accounts you have close to you, especially since we have phones by our side all the time but we are not always on our PC or laptop.
  • Schedule what you can and batch your work. I write most of my Insta captions in advance (I use Evernote) and I schedule most of my blog posts and Tweets. That way I can spend more time being creative and less time doing boring tasks such as posting each post individually or coming up with a long caption.

If you will spend one hour less on your social media every day it will be a success. The thing to remember here is that we are not trying to not be on social media at all or to look at it as the devil but to simply spend less time on these platforms and be more creative outside of the Internet.

You can use this time that you will spend away from SM to help other animals (here are 12 ways on how you can do that) or start a blog (here are a few tips on how to do that).

Please leave a comment below telling me how you are coping with the social media overwhelm and if you too are struggling with figuring out how to spend less time on social media.

I would love to hear from you so don’t be shy.



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