If you have read this post, then you are aware that I am super into online activism as this fits my personality best.

It’s just how I feel comfortable speaking up for things that matter and doing my part in this movement.

I mainly use Instagram and Pinterest to talk about the vegan lifestyle and animal rights, but today I only want to focus on one of them – Instagram.

I have a decent amount of followers who interact with me and who know what I am about. I admit, though, that I often feel stuck when it comes to growing my following but it takes patience to reach success, and I am trying to focus on quality instead of quantity.

If you happen to feel like the internet is the place where you want to spend most of your time as an activist, then I want to encourage you to read this post first and then continue reading here. Or just read this one and then search around my blog for more tips.

I wrote so many of them on the topic of activism and blogging that with a bit of curiosity you can easily find them and see what tips I have for you.

But in short, here is how to use Instagram as a vegan activist:

  • Be honest about who you truly are and what you are all about. There are already so many copies out there that being yourself is a shocking thing to do. I don’t have a problem with talking about free-speech or vaccines because that’s just who I am, so don’t censor yourself (too much).
  • Create graphics with tips and quotes. I am still deciding whether or not that is something I want to continue to do as I am not happy with the results anymore. Of course, social media is something one must figure out every day over and over again but at this point, I am not sure it’s a good idea to be as private as I am. I don’t like to show my face. I hide behind written content but that is not the best idea as it turns out. Which leads me to…
  • Decide how much of your life you are willing to share with your followers. I think we all know that the more personal you are the more followers you will have. But you need to know if that is something you want. As honest as I tend to be, there are things that I simply prefer to keep for myself and that is actually the reason my account is not as successful as I would want it to be.
  • Create a nice balance when it comes to captions. Don’t write just for the sake of writing but also don’t put one emoji and you are done. I rarely communicate with emojis because I know that if the photo has a strong message, I can always make it even stronger with a good caption. Experiment with length and see what gets the most response.
  • Be 100% dedicated to bringing value to people. Make it 5% about yourself and boring stuff, and 95% about others. You are helping people create better lives so your advice and tips need to be good and valuable, not just something you feel obliged to give out so that you don’t lose your followers.
  • Unless you are an expert be very clear that you are just an average human who is sharing their journey with everyone. That’s why I don’t talk about diets and nutrition but I focus on things I feel more comfortable with. I am not a doctor, but I am a blogger and I do know how to be an activist on social media and the internet. But even here I am not an expert. I don’t hide that I am learning and growing while teaching others what I have learnt. People don’t want an expert as much as someone who will learn with them. Unless you are a doctor who talks about peer-reviewed scientific papers, then yes, be an expert.
  • Constantly put out new content and try to not take any breaks. Unless you are suffering every time you spend time on Instagram, try to be consistent with your work and activism. People nowadays are strange as they will unfollow you if you take a 2-day break. It’s sad really but I think about all the animals I am helping save with inspiring others and it’s all worth it.
  • Respond to your DMs. There have been so many individuals who reached out to me after reading my blog post or a caption and wanted to ask for advice or just tell me that they liked it. Or they wanted to argue about something controversial, which happens. In all cases, I am open and willing to talk about everything. After all, we are humans and if we don’t talk to each other, who will we talk to? There is nothing nicer than seeing people who praise your work and it takes absolutely nothing away from us to thank them and to wish them all the best. There is also nothing better than seeing that your post hit a nerve with someone and they want to fight with you. I mean, bring it on and let’s see if we can find the middle ground. The point is, communicate and open your DMs.

I hope any of these tips helped you and I would love to hear which ones.

If you are a social media activist, you are doing an amazing job. I know that we are not the ones people think of first when they hear about animal rights activists, but all work matters.

With billions of people using Instagram and other platforms, we can only gain with dedicating our work to creating content online. It’s also a nice way to spend your time because gossiping and watching drama videos is just so 2012.

I would love to see you over on my Instagram, too. I create content for people who want to build a beautiful lifestyle that is kind to other animals and the environment. It’s something I really feel strongly about.

If you have any questions, please let me know below in the comment section.