Today I will talk about some super important things that new vegans must know about.

new vegans

Going vegan is challenging and often difficult for some people, but rarely you will hear someone saying those words because they think that in order to save the animals and convince people that veganism is the best thing ever you have to lie and pretend that everything will be better once you go vegan. It’s not true at all; at least it wasn’t for me.

Even if you know that eating plant based is cheaper, do you think most new vegans know enough about nutrition? Not at all and that’s where most new vegans make a giant mistake. They do not learn about nutrition and then go back to eating animals due to health problems and lack of important nutrients. And because I really wish everyone would be aware of the proper way of going vegan so they will stay vegan forever and won’t go back to eating meat after a couple of months, I will share with you some important tips for new vegans.

The most important tip as you learned already is to get all the necessary information about nutrition before you change your diet. And since there are plenty of great books about veganism out there, I have a few just for you here (follow me on Instagram to regularly see what books I am reading):

  • The China Study
  • Skinny Bitch
  • My Beef with Meat

By the way, I have written an entire article on what four books I think all vegans should own, so make sure to read it here.

The second tip is to take it slowly and when I say slowly I do not mean to transition over ten years, but give yourself a month or two to really change your diet. You can start by eating less meat, ditch honey and milk, then stop eating meat all together and cut the eggs off your menu… take it a bit slowly, every week cut something away from your diet and of course add a new vegetable to your favorites list. As for previously bought leather/fur clothing items and non cruelty free and non vegan make up – that is your personal choice. Of course from now on you won’t be buying any of that anymore but since it would be a waste to just throw it in the trash, use it until it’s still good and then buy new vegan friendly items.

Third tip is to meditate. I’m serious. When you go vegan and you open your eyes to the cruelty you supported just a few weeks ago and your whole family is still doing it, let’s say that it can be very tough if you are not mentally strong. Meditating every day for a couple of minutes when you wake up and before you go to sleep will help you with staying calmer and more understanding of your peers. Most importantly – it will help YOU to stay healthy in your mind and able to help animals in a positive way. A book that talks specifically about how to stay sane during stupid conversations about veganism is Happy Vegan, Angry Vegan.

Hopefully those few tips will help you with your decision on becoming a vegan and if you want me to talk about even more new vegan hacks in the future, make sure you let me know in the comment section. Remember to follow me on Twitter.


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