stops being vegan

I am so fucking tired of vegans being upset when another influencer stops being vegan.

I am trying to understand why people put so much faith in people who sell their bodies and personalities for a few Euros but forget about millions of humans who have no large platforms but are doing more than all influencers combined.

I understand that these people have millions of followers who watch their every move and copy everything they sell to them, but seriously, do we really need weak-minded people to do the work needed to save the planet from death?

Okay, I take that back. We do need stupid people to go vegan, but that aside, we do need to talk about how the Earth doesn’t stop spinning when an influencer stops being vegan.

First, we need to step back and realize that they are just a human being who is influenced by their cravings, habits and, of course, money. They are a human being who is by nature prone to be selfish and not think of others. Just because they talk about something, doesn’t mean they truly believe in it and always walk the walk.

There are smart people who went from being doctors to writing books about how vaccines kill and angels are sending them messages through random songs playing on the radio. Unless people have good foundations that stand on science, reason and, hopefully, good morals, they will fall down and build a different house that makes them feel more comfortable – because people care more about a nice view than the ground the house is built on.

Second, we need to remind ourselves every single day that a revolution takes time. There will always be enemies and people who will protest against what is right simply because it threatens them.

Whenever I see a popular influencer go back to eating their fellow animals, I remind myself that we have a lot of work to do before we see big results and that it’s not the end of the world. I’m sure there were famous white people in America 70 years ago who pretended to be supportive of equal rights for black people but turned out to be racist pieces of shit.

Yet I have a strong feeling that that didn’t make people fighting for basic human rights for individuals of all colors feel like the end of the world. They probably just moved on and continued fighting for equal rights, because life goes on.

And third, we should look at ourselves and what we are preaching. We are angry at ex-vegans because we are afraid that their millions of followers will now suddenly believe eating plant-based is unhealthy. But if we look at vegan influencers who are beloved and oh-so-amazing at what they do, are they never preaching harmful ideas? Are there no vegan influencers who are anti-vaccines and medicine? Are there no vegan influencers who preach about god and eternal damnation? Are there no vegans who demonize people they disagree with on political issues and call them evil?

The truth is there are only a few vegan influencers who have a massive following that don’t preach harmful things to their fans. The rest is just as bad (or usually just a little less bad) as that influencer who now talks about how veganism ruined their health.

The truth is, social media influencers are here to stay and if we put them on a pedestal and expect them to represent everything we believe in, they will fall down. Vegan or not, only a few will stay honest and moral when a big check is waiting at their doorstep. Only a few will not sell their soul to the Internet devil who is collecting sanity and reason from people who used to have a strong moral code.

I just don’t waste my energy on famous people who are not vegan anymore because I know there are a million other things I could be doing. Also, there are vegans who are talking about harmful things on their platforms but we don’t judge them simply because they are vegan.

It’s best to focus on ourselves and spend only a tiny amount of others. Unless they are claiming that eating plant-based gave them cancer and took their sight, we shouldn’t really give them any more views that they will already get.

The time we spend on criticising could be spent on creating resources that will help people go plant-based.

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