Is there such thing as a humane way of killing animals?

A while ago someone told me that non-vegans care about how farm animals are treated and condemn factory farming. He wasn’t the only person to say that, we all know that people don’t want to support factory farming.

But the interesting part lies in them not going vegan even though they care about how animals are treated.

Of course, no normal human wants to know that pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows and other so-called food animals are treated badly before they get on their plate. No normal human wants to feel guilty for supporting the torture of these creatures.

But there really is no other way to take someone’s life away.

You can condemn the actions of those who kill animals so that you can eat them, but the truth is still that:

  • There is no humane way of killing someone who wants to live.
  • There is no happy meat or ethical eggs. It’s a myth that the death industries started to make consumers feel less guilty about their purchases.
  • By buying animal products you are paying for more suffering and death. What consumers demand, consumers get.

So no, I am not saying that people who are not vegan like what the meat, dairy and egg industry are doing to the animals who end up on their plate, but they are supporting it.

Just like me buying from H&M supports sweatshops and me buying plastic wrapped food supports ocean pollution. I am aware of that and I am reducing the amount of money I spend on things that have exploitation of humans and nature behind.

Remember – you vote with your money. Every time you spend your money is election time. Every time you buy milk, you vote for a baby to be taken away.

Instead, why not vote for food that is ethical and healthy? You can buy plant-based and vote for more vegan options. The choice is always on your shoulders.

The vote is always in your wallet. You just need to decide which side will get it.

You always had the power to choose better. Now I give you permission to use it.


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