Well, technically I have been blogging for 4 years and a half, but by the time you read this, it might as well already be 5 years since I started.

I started blogging because I wanted to be famous and popular; I also wanted free stuff and to travel the world.

I was in the middle of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle when I started, so at least half of my content was about my new lifestyle, but still I found a way to write a post about how to dress like Harry Styles or which women have the most beautiful hair (Natasha Romanoff and Kristina Bazan btw).

For two years I was blogging about nothing and everything at the same time.

But then I became an activist and that changed everything. I knew that being socially anxious and just awkward in general won’t help me on the streets, so I had to become an online animal rights activist.

I bought a new domain, deleted old tweets, opened a new Instagram account and I was ready to become successful… finally.

Of course, nothing happened because things don’t go from zero to a hundred overnight, and I was no exception. Even today, after almost five years of daily blogging and posting on social media, I have not reached even 5% of the goals I intended to.

But I do have a small community and a certain percentage of humans who regularly come back to read my blog posts, so I think I know a thing or two about blogging. And now I want to share what I have learnt in my 5 years of blogging with you.

I still want to be successful but now I realize that I don’t want it at any cost. I want to achieve that because I am good at what I do.

So here are a few things I want you to remember when starting to blog:

  • It’s about them, not you. You need to constantly look at what they love to read and then write about that. One of my most read posts is this one where I wrote about ex-vegans but my readers also love this post where I talk about how vegans still kill animals (but not really). I want to teach them, help them and make them feel less alone so I do what they ask me to.
  • You need to always create new content. I am constantly writing about something new, within my niche but always covering a different topic. I look at my Google Analytics and then write about things my readers love.
  • Stick to a minimum of two social media platforms and build a community there. I have decided to delete my Facebook account and focus on Pinterest and Instagram. I still love Twitter and I do try to post there regularly, but I am just not seeing any results so I had to remove it from the list of my priorities.
  • Start building an email list. I went from offering free ebooks to giving away short checklists but then I realized that people want something they aren’t getting anywhere else – so now I am talking about mental health and veganism because depressed vegans are a thing. Yes, I have fewer people on my list than if I were offering something vaguer but I know that I want to create products for vegans who are suffering from mental illnesses and who think going vegan is too overwhelming and stressful. The way I get them on my list is by giving them this free helpful printable.
  • Be honest and don’t pretend to be someone else. It’s too easy copying popular bloggers but it takes balls to actually write the way you speak and be honest about what you think about certain issues. I mean, how many vegans do you know who are pro-choice leaning pro-life, pro-vaccines and huge advocates for free speech? Not to brag, but I had to think long and hard about whether or not I wanted to be that honest and in the end, I realized that I don’t have to be a vegan stereotype – I wrote about that too – to be an activist and to be authentic. It’s okay to be different; there are many people who are looking for someone just like you.

I know you heard all of these things before, but are you doing them?

I have been listening to Gary Vee for years and I always thought he was crazy when he talked about having patience and not seeing the results for a long time, but now I see he is right.

If you want to get popular and rich quick just take your clothes off, become a fashion blogger and sell your soul to the devil, but if you actually want to bring value to people and create a tight community while being true to yourself, then you will have to eat shit for a long time.

You know what they say about how nothing good comes easy because if it’s easy then it’s not good – or something like that? It’s true.

So don’t give up because it’s better to create good content and wait years to see just a little bit of success than to sell out and make it in under a year.

Can I hope to see you on my Instagram and Pinterest? I post every day and usually more than once so that means awesome valuable content all day long!