Congratulations, you just went vegan.

Now what? What are the next steps that you can take? What will happen now?

The thing with most people is that they think becoming vegan is the ultimate goal. That going vegan is a difficult journey and the destination is being a vegan. But the truth is – there is no destination at all, everything is a journey.

Going vegan is a journey that can be hard or easy, but being vegan can be hard or easy too. There is no ultimate present that you receive once you become vegan; you can still hate everything and everyone. Life can still suck and you can still be a mean person.

That’s why veganism shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Because it isn’t.

I know vegans who are still mean, ungrateful, rude, and violent. I mean just look at vegan celebrities who have a bad temper, or who have been accused of assaulting someone. Becoming vegan doesn’t make you a saint and above everyone else. It doesn’t mean that you’ve arrived. I wish that would be the ultimate destination because that would mean I made it. But it isn’t.

Once you become vegan the journey continues. You can eat plants, avoid ZOOs, and buy cruelty-free and vegan products, but if you are rude and mean and violent, then you have nothing to be proud of. Sure, great that you are nice to other animals, but you need to be nice to the species you belong to, too.

The only real destination that we will arrive at is death. And I truly hope that while we are alive and walking towards that final destination, we can work towards becoming a better human every single day. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are vegan or an animal eater, you can be compassionate while eating animals, and you can be an asshole while being vegan.

Sure, we don’t eat animals and we treat them with respect and equality, but we are not above law. If I know that a vegan raped someone, I will absolutely not pretend that they are a better person just because they don’t eat animals. Demanding respect for other animals means that we give respect to humans as well. Of course, I get it, people need to earn your respect and I agree with that, but that doesn’t mean we are mean and rude.

Veganism is just a bonus to our life. It’s something that enriches our life and creates it a bit better and brighter. We don’t stop breathing and working towards our goals once we go vegan. We always strive for more! We always continue learning! We continue growing! We are finding new ways to help other animals. We are learning new recipes.

We are always learning. We are always upgrading ourselves, just like technology.

So, if you just went vegan and don’t know what to do next, here are a few ideas to help you feel better:

  • Continue learning about veganism and animal rights. Read more books, watch more documentaries, listen to more podcasts (here is one that I love a lot), and attend more lectures. Continue learning and expanding your knowledge because knowledge is something that we can never have enough of.
  • Find new ways on how to help the animals. You just went vegan, that’s great and all, but how will you continue helping? Can you volunteer at a shelter? Can you donate money? Can you start a petition? Maybe you can start blogging!
  • How can you grow as a person? Is there anything you want to learn? What have you always wanted to be good at but never really done anything about it? Do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to start practising yoga? Do you want to become really good at marketing? For example, I always had an interest in what consciousness is and why meditation is so good for us, so now I listen to the Waking Up podcast, hosted by a neuroscientist, author, famous sceptic, and one of four New Atheists, Sam Harris. That way I am learning about things that interest me, plus, I get to learn about other things that I would have never thought of learning on my own, like free will and artificial intelligence.
  • One of the best ways to not feel like you have arrived at an imaginary destination now that you are vegan is to look around and see how many people have stopped talking to you due to your new lifestyle. If you are lucky, all of your friends will still hang out with you, but if you are like the rest of us, you will lose a few people. That’s a great reminder that we have not arrived anywhere, but have a new goal in front of us, and that is to meet new vegan friends.

As you can see, becoming vegan is not a destination. Life is a journey. Every step that we take and every decision that we make is just a sentence in our book. Veganism can be a whole chapter or just a page, but it is never the whole book.

Tell me, what do you want to do next? If you just went vegan, how can you live it up more? What can you learn? How can you expand as a human? What interests of yours can you explore? Let me know in the comment.


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