kamill vegan hand cream

Raise your hand if your hands get dry if you don’t use a hand cream every 3 hours! *raises hand*

I hate having mixed skin, I really do, because my face is super oily and my hands get dry if I am not religiously moisturizing.

For so many years I have been trying out different hand creams and I found so many that worked great, but I like to keep things simple and organic, so the brand Kamill is perfect for me.

They are sold in every store and super affordable, so when I noticed the little word vegan on it I jumped up and down because I didn’t have to go to the city anymore to get my beauty products.

I am not very strict when it comes to buying organic beauty products – I am on the road towards it, though, and it’s all because of Sophie Uliano (check her out here) – but when I do find an organic option, I go for it first.

kamill vegan hand cream

This vegan hand cream by the brand Kamill that I swear by is vegan, that means no animal testing and no animal ingredients and has absolutely no colorants, parabens, PEG emulsifiers, mineral oils and paraffins.

It contains organic chamomile and it comes in this cute green packaging, which I love because green is my favorite color and I am biased towards products that are green (it’s true).

Not to mention that Kamill was the best-selling hand care brand in Germany in 2017. That’s something and it’s so nice to see that an all vegan product is so loved by everyone. Plus, it’s organic and good for your skin.

I hate spending lots of money on products that are not only unhealthy but also not good, and this vegan hand cream really does work.

You know that I have just started writing reviews about products (click here to read about my favorite hair conditioner) I love and I truly want to focus on things I adore and use on a daily basis. I feel very good about writing this type of content as I am not shy to admit that I have no idea about beauty and am not into having lots of products.

I believe a few great products that you choose as your own are all you need to look and feel good. That’s exactly what I did, and I am kind of still doing, so all the products you have read about so far are absolutely proven to work for me and I would defend them.

I will leave you with that but you can follow me on Instagram and see what other products I love + I share tips and cute photos of animals I share my life with.


kamill vegan hand cream