Kill animals? Because you are afraid of them? A big no.

Kill animals? Because you are afraid of them? A big no.

About two months ago I was in the city with my friend – we went to see Spidey (how ironic as you will see) – and while we were sipping on some blueberry juices, she told me that while on vacation she saw this huge spider that she was afraid of so her boyfriend’s brother killed him. I was clearly upset and asked her why she would do something like that. She said that she was afraid of him and that naturally, she had to kill him.

I am the first person to tell you that I am afraid of insects and bugs. Spiders scare me and I hate flies; but I try really hard not to kill them, especially when they are not harming me.

Just a year ago, when I was already a vegan, I would kill spiders that were above my bed and scared the hell out of me. I knew it was wrong but I was afraid of them. Now I give them names (as I am writing this, one of the spiders in my room is named Vladimir – don’t ask why) and take them outside in a glass.

I let them go and I let them live.

Do I kill animals? Yes, I do kill flies that bite me – they are fucking vampires – and when I am walking I am not looking under my feet (all the time). But I do not kill animals for joy or because I am afraid of them. I’m sure it would be different if I would have a gun and a lion would be attacking me – no need to point that out, I’m sure – but in the case of spiders, mate, they are more afraid of you.

I’m tired of killing animals that haven’t harmed us (and even then it could be discussed whether or not they deserve to die).

We were taught that spiders and rats are dirty and ugly; that we need to avoid them and be afraid of them. We were taught that snakes are gross and will attack us. We are taught from the young age that we must kill. A few months ago I saw my beautiful 2-year-old niece kill insects. She just stomped them to death. My heart broke like never before. Who taught her that? Her non-vegan mother? Her animal eating father? Where did she learn that, when I teach her that all animals are our friends? Is that natural to her?

I can only hope that she will choose compassion when she is old enough and that some of the things I tell her will stick with her, but I cannot change her. I cannot change how she will be raised by her parents. I cannot change my friend who doesn’t mind that she eats animals while claiming to love them. I can only influence. I can only say that it’s wrong and that it’s not for us to decide who gets to die. Nature takes care of everything.

Who said that spiders, snakes, and rats are dirty? Who said that we must kill them? Who gets to decide whether or not they live or die? Who are we to decide that someone’s life is not worthy because we are afraid of them? I am afraid of many people, but I do not want to kill them. Do I want to put obstacles in front of them? Yes, but not kill. That’s what we must do with animals that we are afraid of, we must protect ourselves and put obstacles between the animals and us but never kill them.

I wrote a post about how to help small animals, ya know, in case you are interested, so make sure to check it out. And if you are interested in learning about what ethical veganism is, you can always read this post.

I wish you all the best.

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p.s. – Be happy. Choose to be happy and take care of yourself, okay?