la casa de papel vegan

I just took a break from watching La Casa De Papel, or Money Heist for all you non-Spanish speaking people, which is one of the most-watched Netflix shows.

Before I continue, please be aware that this post contains a shit ton of spoilers and if you haven’t watched the show yet, which you absofreakinglutely must, it will take some magic away later when you catch up on it.

Okay, so can we talk about how amazing the first two seasons are (the third one bores me)? I couldn’t stop watching it and only took a break now that I am bored of not seeing my favorite character because he died and I am still mourning.

While I was watching it, I couldn’t help but see how many lessons we can take from them and apply them to our animal rights activism. 

I always like to mix business with pleasure and this time is no different. As a lover of tv shows and movies, I mixed the two together in the past when I talked about Gossip Girl, Supernatural and The Avengers.

If I can learn how to deliver value to you while I watch Gossip Girl, then we all win and the world is balanced… as all things should be.

Here is what La Casa De Papel can teach us about creating a successful vegan movement:

  • We need to know our shit and be educated as fuck (I haven cursed in a long time on my blog and it feels so good).

The Professor had the whole vision of a heist in his head and he worked on it for years. It wasn’t his idea but it was he who executed it with the help of people whom he taught everything he knew. For the group to successfully rob the Royal Mint of Spain they had to learn how to operate as a group, handle all kinds of weaponry, learn the ins and outs of the place they held the hostages in, and how to successfully finish the plan without getting arrested and/or killed (I won’t talk about Berlin’s death because I am absolutely heartbroken). We are in a different situation but we are still similarly trying to do something crazy and impossible without letting the big nasty industries (the police in the show) get us and destroy our plans. We must be smarter, quicker and have science on our side – which thankfully we do. And yes, I am aware that in their case the police should’ve won and in our case, it’s us who has to get on top first.

  • Something will go wrong and we need to be prepared.

Every movement has a Tokio that will fuck shit up and everyone else will have to clean after her. There will be vegan activists who will shoot farmers, send death threats and beat those who don’t want to go vegan – those things happen, even Buddhists kill sometimes – but it shouldn’t destroy our hard work. This is the reason why being prepared for freaks and psychos who will sabotage our progress is a must. Always keep one eye open so that when shit goes down, you can immediately clean the mess Tokio made (when you watch the show you will understand).

  • We have to go big or go home.

They could rob a little bank in a small town, let all the pregnant ladies out, print only a few million and go away quietly, but that’s not what makes it fun! We need to go out and fight with Piers Morgan on TV, we need to create content that disturbs people who are still pretending to be asleep, we need to make the best damn plant-based burgers and get them to Burger King… we need to do stuff that gets people talking. If we want the attention, we must do things that are worth paying attention to.

I am so pumped for what is coming next in the animal liberation movement. There are way too many lives being taken away for us to hide and play small.

Once you decide that nothing is going to stop you, you are already halfway there, and we are not interested in stopping. This is so much bigger than us and for once we need to stop thinking as selfish creatures. 

When every single animal is free from a cage, lab, circus, aquarium and slaughterhouse – among just a few prisons -, only then will humanity have a chance at thriving.

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la casa de papel vegan