Let’s discuss the importance of a good workout.

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I believe that one of the most important decisions we can make, when starting to live a healthier lifestyle, is to start working out on a regular basis.

Too many of us are lazy and attached to our devices. Kids nowadays are avoiding the outside like cats are avoiding water, and the only workout they do is when they walk to the fridge to get some Coke and frozen pizza.

When I talk about working out, I am not talking about heavy lifting or boxing in the gym, but what I mean is a simple 30-minute workout session every second day. Think about pilates, yoga, stretching, jogging, walking, hiking etc.

Although, if you do want to do the heavy lifting and boxing, please, do.

I personally do yoga and pilates every second day (or every day, it depends on my mood), not to mention my daily walks and if I get my hands on a bike, I can be outside for hours. I am not attached to the idea of having tight abs, but I do want to feel fit and flexible enough to be able to play with my dog and run around with the kiddos.

The simplest way to get committed to a workout is to find a friend that will workout with you. Nothing screams commitment louder than having someone to remind you of your scheduled workout sessions. Its times like this that having friends really pays off.

  • What do you like to do when you are outside? What gives you the energy? What makes you forget to look at the time?
  • Do you have any friends that would be willing to become your workout partner? Can you commit to them? Who do you know that would be a great workout buddy?
  • How many times a week are you willing to get your bum moving? How intense do you want your workout to be? Do you want to focus on deep stretches or light jogging?
  • What can you do to feel motivated to workout? Who can you feel inspired by? Perhaps you can create a playlist with music that makes you want to look like a million bucks, or you can follow along YouTube videos and workout alongside hot chicks – because that’s what I do and it gets me motivated.

We are not all interested in quick cardio, and we are not all interested in slow moves, like yoga. That’s why each one of us must create a workout routine that will fit our lifestyle, our interests, and what we want to achieve.

Some want to get fitter; some want to get healthier; some want to get skinnier; some want to get hotter; some just want to get more flexible.

Whatever floats your boat, do that!

I would be totally lying if I would say that my motivation is not to look good, but my bigger goal is to feel connected to every part of my body. I want to feel comfortable and confident. Not in my looks but in how I feel.

When I was younger I trained volleyball, then I trained running, and then I grew up and forgot how to get off my couch. Needless to say, my body got rusty and I felt like shit. Last year I started to move my body more, but because I forgot how to do it slowly, I injured both of my knees and now I am only able to do limited yoga poses and I do yoga so slowly, that I swear you would fall asleep right beside me.

You know that feeling after you’ve done your workout and you are sweaty but satisfied? There is something very pleasurable in doing squats and feeling that burn in your thighs. Or being in that deep stretch and taking a deep breath. Your whole day gets more proactive and peaceful.

Getting your heart pumping fast is healthy and good for your overall well-being. A beautiful workout routine is an important part of our healthier lifestyle, because it gives us the energy to fight the good fight, and it also keeps us happier and more satisfied with ourselves so that when rough times come, we are able to stand in truth and not break under the pressure.

This is a chapter from my FREE eBook From Feeling Low to Living Green that you can get here.

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