Living vegan for dummies (a guide for transitioning).

If you are reading this because you want to go vegan but have absolutely no idea what that means, I want to welcome you to my Living Vegan For Dummies post and let you know that I will take it slowly and give you all the info that I wish I had when I started.

I wrote a bunch of posts on the topic of going vegan already, but because I know that life nowadays is going by very quickly and you might not have the time to go through more than 130 posts, I will gather all the necessary tips in one place.

Being a vegan means that you do your best to not exploit animals in any way. That means not eating them, wearing them, using them for labour and entertainment, experimenting on them, and abusing them in any other way.

Vegans are not striving for perfection; we are striving for progress.

Change is happening. The dairy industry is quite literally about to die in most Western countries and major fashion brands are ditching animal skin. Circuses are closing, celebrities are talking about veganism to their 100+ millions of followers on social media and billionaires such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates are investing in vegan businesses.

The West is going plant-based. Slowly, yes, but surely. And you too can slowly join the compassionate side.

We know that the world is becoming a better place for the animals and that we have more and more vegan options, but there are still things that we cannot control – like where we live, how many vegan products are in our local stores, or who we share our home with.

But like I said earlier, veganism is not about how perfect we can be, it’s about every day consciously choosing to eat what is best for other animals. Some of you may not want to go vegan right away, maybe you don’t ever see yourself going vegan, but you can reduce.

All of us can reduce the number of animals we eat, the amount of money we spend on clothes that are made from animal skin, we can all buy more cruelty-free products and we can all avoid Sea World and zoos.

So how can you live a more vegan lifestyle if going completely vegan right away sounds too much or too scary?

  • Opt for more plant-based options for a start. Take more animal products off your plate and add more plants. I know that you often hear that you need to go vegan right away, but it’s not always an option and it’s not always easy to do. Take your time and know that I have your back and that I support you. Follow my Pinterest board for recipe ideas.
  • Look for vegan and cruelty-free (search for a bunny label) beauty and cleaning products in stores and replace the products you have at home with them. Experiment until you find which brands work best for you and stand for your values. My favorite beauty brand is Alverde (you can read my review of one of their products here).
  • Start reading more books on veganism and animal rights, watch new documentaries and movies, subscribe to vegan channels. If you want book recommendations, make sure you are following me on Instagram where I share what I am currently reading all the time.
  • Find vegan communities in your area and start hanging out with people whose life choices inspire you. That way you will feel more comfortable with talking about veganism since you won’t be the only one, and you will meet new people who might one day become your friends, or they can simply give you a helping hand on your own vegan journey.

Remember, you can start thinking like a vegan before you start living like one. It’s a journey and you might need a few months to transition completely, or it will happen in a week.

But even if veganism sounds too much for you, you can start with small changes. Most people went vegetarian because they thought it would be easier that way and later found themselves being completely plant-based.

The important thing to remember is that going step by step is the best thing you can do for yourself and for other animals because way too many people went vegan in one night and then failed because they lacked the education and support.


p.s. – If you want to learn about how to eat plant-based on a budget, here is a post that you will love.


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