It’s been a while since I last wrote a post regarding veganism and I thought that the best way to break the silence would be to return to the beginning and tell you why I adore and love being vegan.

As most of you know by now, I went vegan back in 2015 after learning about what happens inside slaughterhouses. I watched Earthlings and read every single post I could get my hand on until I was ready to start transitioning from being a vegetarian to being a plant-eater.

In a few months, I will be celebrating my 4th vegan anniversary and my life has changed drastically in the past few years. I never knew myself more than I do now and I never valued our planet and all the species on her more than I do now that I know about how cruel Homo sapiens evolved to be.

Without further ado, here are 15 reasons why I adore and love being vegan:

  1. I feel like I am giving back to Mother Nature. She gives life and now I get to pay her back.
  2. I live according to my number one value which is freedom. By doing my best at not exploiting other species of animals, I give them what I want the most for myself.
  3. I am taking better care of my health. I actually want to live a long life and I care about what I put in my body, which is something I never thoughts about before.
  4. I am more aware of my own actions and words. Calling someone a pig or a rat is no longer something I do. Other animals are now equal to me, not someone who is dirty and can be used to describe evil humans.
  5. I am using my life to bring value to the lives of others. I am constantly thinking of ways on how to help my fellow vegans and other animals.
  6. I am less selfish.
  7. I think before I buy.
  8. I see someone behind their eyes and their body. I acknowledge their consciousness and their desire to survive on this planet. I see an individual.
  9. I don’t believe in things just because most people do. I value the truth and facts. I value science.
  10. I now know that I am nothing special. Meaning, a rat or a snail has an equal right to life that I do. My human intelligence does not make me any more special than someone else.
  11. I am learning more about things that I used to have no idea about. I am much more interested in language, science and belief systems. I want to understand how we came to where we are and how we can move forward.
  12. I am less afraid of spiders. The trick lies in giving them names and seeing the individual instead of a spider – a species. Yes, he is a spider but he is unlike any other spider that ever existed. There will never be anyone like him on this planet ever again.
  13. I am seeing all of humanity in a different light. I am more sensitive to what words people use and why they do the things they do. With that, I don’t mean I need a safe space or trigger warnings (except when there are very graphic scenes in moves).
  14. I feel less guilty. Sure I still pay for death and abuse in one way or another, we all do sadly, but I know that I am doing my best. Instead of complaining about the state of this world, I am doing what I can do with where I am.
  15. I took responsibility for my past and I learnt from it. I did a lot of bad things but now I do better because I know that what I used to do was bad. Without mistakes, there would be no wins.

Changing my life to a more compassionate one showed me how much influence one person can have on her surroundings.

There are people who started eating more plants because of me, some went completely vegan, others are just more conscious of the little V sign on products at the store. When I stand in a room full of animal-eaters, I am representing compassion and equality.

That doesn’t mean that I am quiet and careful to not offend anyone, it just means that people know I refuse to eat another sentient being and most of them are aware of that when they eat animals in front of me. I am everything they are – opinionated, political, complex etc. – but I am also someone who believes other animals are equal to me.

They talk about different topics with me, they don’t ask me generic questions, they are interested in my views – every time I talk to someone who knows that I am vegan, I am representing the whole animal kingdom.

When I speak, I speak with all animals in my mind. When I write, I write with all animals on my mind. It may seem like an identity but it’s the opposite – it’s the reality that I am representing.

A reality where all animals are equal.

Knowing how my actions impact the world around me and who suffers when I buy a certain product, gave me the power of doing better. I cannot pretend that I don’t know anymore, because I do. Now I do know the story behind that lonely elephant at the zoo and I do know the story behind that dairy milk.

And once I knew I couldn’t go back anymore.

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p.s. – If you already are vegan but you feel lost when it comes to becoming an activist and using your voice for the greater good, here is a post that will give you all the answers.