Happy vegan lifestyle? That sh** is easy to maintain.

You went vegan. Good.

You learned how to be a happy vegan. Good.

But now you are struggling and are searching for ways on how to maintain a happy vegan lifestyle that you know is possible.

No worries.

I got you.

The most important thing to remember is that change can only occur when two beings are vibrating on the same level. If one is low and the other one is high, on a vibration scale, you cannot find the common ground and agree on anything.

You can BE the love, or you can SEEK for love. You cannot do both.

When you are the love, you only know love and you only see love. When you seek for love, you are in the state of belief that love is somewhere to be found.

When one, a vegan activist let’s say, is the love and does things with love, one will be able to help those who are the love, or are in that state of recognizing that everything is connected. Therefore, if they are love, everything is love. You will attract people who want to change simply by being your happy self.

If on your mission to save the animals you encounter someone who believes that love is somewhere to be found and that one can only attain love for a small moment but cannot possibly BE the love, you will not convince them of seeing everyone as love. They will seek for it; they will shop for it and kill for it. They won’t BE it.

Yet everyone and everything is love.

I suppose the answer I want to give on how to maintain a happy vegan lifestyle, is to recognize your truth and recognize that you are the love.

When we vibrate on the frequency of love, we will expand the vibes of love to everyone and everything, but if we vibrate on the belief that love is lacking, we will only see those who are not aware of their true state that is love. We will be focused on the lack and not on the abundance that is us.

Be the love and you will expand love that you already are.

Not love that you already possess – as we sometimes hear – because you cannot possess something that is natural to you. You cannot possess something that IS you. But that’s a topic for another day.

  • Make no effort to be the love you already are. The more you push, the farther away you push. The more you try the more obstacles you create. Just let it go and let it be. Focus on your breath and on the now, do not worry about what will happen tomorrow and how people will react to your lifestyle.
  • Do what you love. I mean that. Do what you love. When you are doing what you love, you are happy and joyful and peaceful, so naturally, you are sending out the good vibes, that people can feel and be attracted to.
  • Practice ignoring. When someone starts insulting or attacking, you simply ignore them. Do not give them the attention they desperately want. Not responding is the best answer you can give to someone who shows absolutely no respect towards your compassionate lifestyle.
  • Send love. The easiest thing we can do, to maintain a happy vegan lifestyle, is to send love out in the world. Do good things and do them with love. Choose a career that will do good in the world, pick friends that are loving and kind, and be the person you wish everyone else was.
  • Trust that everything will turn out the way it needs to. Trust that nature will get everything back in the correct order and that humanity will realize their truth and their potential. With your help, of course. I am not talking about destiny, because that does not exist, but about nature and her laws, which have shown us many times before that nature knows how things are supposed to be and she will throw us all down on our bum if we do not respect her home.
  • Practice self-care. I wrote about how to create a self-care routine for vegan warriors in the past and you can learn more about it here. Take a bath; read a lovely book; plant flowers; laugh with your friends; watch a good movie; take care of your hair; meditate; practice yoga.

Remember, be the love that you are.

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Happy vegan lifestyle? That sh** is easy to maintain.