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Let’s talk about my favorite topic – mother nature.

Mother Earth has been our greatest teacher since the beginning, but still, we continue being spoiled, greedy, and destructive.

We are so passionate about creating a new kind of species, artificial intelligence, that we are becoming more and more detached from who we are. We would rather be cyborgs than animals. We would rather be artificial robots who live forever than accept the fact that we will die one day.

We prefer phones over trees, loud music in our ears over birds singing, and most definitely, we prefer taking photos of beautiful streams and oceans, instead of actually watching them with our own eyes.

I am guilty of walking and listening to podcasts, but other than that, I am pretty much always with my momma. Just like you, I am coming back to nature and I am improving. This website is proof of that. I am asking you to join me on my journey home.

We are all a part of nature. We all share the same relative and we all wouldn’t be here without each other, but what I love most about nature, is how at home I feel with her. How cozy she makes me feel, even when she gets mad and she shows me how powerful she is.

Would I survive for a week in the woods if I would get lost? I highly doubt that, but I know that nature would wake the survival instinct in me. I know that nature would push me to my limits and test how much of an animal I am.

Because we forgot that we are animals. We think of ourselves as humans yet we are still animals. Humanity makes us more civilized but underneath it all, we are still just wild creatures that give in to their primal instincts more than we would like to admit.

We are all just trying to survive every day. Everything we do is automatic and unconscious – we are trying not to die. But in nature, the wild side comes out.

Walking in the woods, feeling that primal power in your body, knowing that if you’d get attacked, you would only fight to keep your heart beating and nothing else. That’s what I love the most.

How every single human comes back to the source once they are surrounded by trees and dirt and materials that were here for millions of years.

Falling down and breaking bones is natural for us. Exploring the caves and climbing the trees is natural for us. Being guided by stars and the sun is natural for us. Eating raw and preparing meals from scratch is natural for us.

Just to add to this, though, just because something is natural it doesn’t mean it is good. Cancer is natural but we don’t want that. The point I am trying to make is that we are too dependent on technology and we are not using our brain and hands as much as we should.

Let her teach you about life.

Let her remind you of who you are beneath the human mask you wear.

Let your children play.

Do you know what is the saddest thing about today’s children? That they are eager to play the newest game on an iPhone, instead of climbing the fucking trees and getting their knees scratched. It is the saddest thing in the world.

I get it, they are growing up in a new era and we don’t understand that because we are old people, but they would learn way more about how to survive in this world by falling from a tree and breaking their leg, than watching a YouTuber unbox a cereal box with a toy in it (yes, they do that, and they get paid thousands of dollars for it).

I have two young cousins who are always sick. Like, always, always sick. They open their door and the first thing they tell you is that they are sick. No joke. Have they ever climbed trees? No. Have they ever held a worm and put him in their mouth? No – and I am not saying to do that but sometimes you have to when you are a child. Have they ever ran in their underwear outside in the middle of the winter? No.

Look, our bodies are made to survive in horrible conditions and the more bacteria our children put in their mouth, the healthier they will be when they are older (it is science*).

Two years ago I went with my niece to a playground and there was her friend – aged 2, at the time – that was putting sand in her mouth and rolling all over the floor.

Her mother was furious! You would think the kid was a little Hitler, but no, all she did was put some sand in her mouth.

I am not saying that my niece eats sand but I am happy when she is dirty and muddy. That’s how she will grow up to be healthier and more immune to diseases. Her mother ate cat food and dog poop, so she probably has that in her genes, too.

Climate change and why we are responsible.

Climate is changing. Our mother is going through changes and we are observing her transformation everywhere we look.

Yes, she has gone through the changes before and her body has seen the rise and fall of temperatures many times, but this time, we are making it even harder for her. Because this time, we started it.

Let’s look at how our new, modern way of living is harming the planet we reside on.

  • We are eating our way to death.
  • We are losing natural resources.
  • We are committing mass suicide.

Did you know that cows are the main cause of climate change? Yup. Well, kind of.

It’s actually humans who eat those animals.

Yeah, that sounds better.

Not only is animal agriculture responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions*, but it is also responsible for 80-90% of US water consumption*.

So, what does that tell us?

  • That climate change is caused by what you consume every single day.
  • That we can literally save the planet by eating a healthy whole food plant-based diet.

The way you eat shows a lot about how much you respect your mother who gave birth to you.


If you truly care about your home and you are ready to take responsibility for your previous actions, you must start eating in a way that is sustainable and natural.

We are so proud of our intelligence and cleverness, but look where it brought us. We are finding ourselves more and more lost, falling deeper in the utopian world of technology and the internet, all surrounded by the climate that is changing fast.

Our brain did this. Our selfishness did this. Our want for more did this.

We can’t turn away anymore and blame the governments. We are paying for it. Every day we are paying for pollution and climate change. Every time we sit down, drive a car or buy plastic, we are driving her to the edge.

It’s not on the powerful people to save us, it’s on us.

Your homework is to get your hands dirty, eat plant-based, and stop listening to music when you are in the company of Mother Nature – I will do that, too, I promise. Get my best tips here if you are interested in making the first step toward eating a plant-based diet.

Get down and dirty – in more than one way. It’s all nature and natural – although this sounds sexual, I am, in fact, not talking about sex.

Stop hiding away your animal nature and listen to your instincts and go with your gut. Stop limiting yourself and playing it safe. Be alive!

You evolved to survive and to thrive, not to hide and use your fingers to snap photos of your bum in the mirror – because that is not empowerment. True empowerment comes when you realize who you are when Mama Earth is watching you.

You are an animal. Own it.

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mama earth