Vegan lifestyle. What is it and how can you create it?

I think people don’t really understand what I mean when I talk about living a vegan lifestyle. They think that veganism is only about eating plants and that’s it. Totally not it.

Living a vegan lifestyle can seem complicated at first. I repeat – at first; but when you really look at it and give it a chance, you realize that it’s not a drastic change; you just simply stop paying for cruelty. When you spend years being a douchebag and treating animals like secondary citizens, you will encounter a lot of hidden beliefs that you have in your head and going vegan might become a torture. You might start eating plant-based, but deep down or close to the surface – to each their own,  you will not understand vegans and why they do (or better said – don’t do) things that, to you, do not seem harmful.

For example – living a vegan lifestyle means that you don’t go to the ZOO. Now, you may think that’s crazy and that animals are obviously there for a good reason. Wrong. Animals do not belong in cages; animals don’t exist to be put on display for humans to entertain themselves while watching them; animals do not owe us anything.

ZOOs are wearing a mask that says – oh, we care for the animals, that’s why we saved them; but in reality, all they care about is profit. Money, money, money. If you really want to see animals up close, visit farm sanctuaries, safaris (check out which ones are not horrible and then decide), or places where animals are rescued and not on display for large groups of people to observe them.

Living a vegan lifestyle means not wearing silk. You may think that’s stupid because silkworms are just that – worms. Well, honey (and I use that word in a very bad way because honey is bee vomit), worms are just like you. I know you hate it but we really are all equal. We all came from the same source. To you, killing millions of worms to have a fucking silk robe may not seem horrible or that there is anything wrong with it, but to vegans – that’s murder and we don’t want to participate in it.

Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.

Living a vegan lifestyle means not eating something that has honey in it. Again – you probably think that’s stupid and that bees LOVE to give us the food that they worked hard for. Wrong. We don’t take anything away from an animal; we respect their hard work and choose a plant-based syrup or something. Can I tell you something? Did you know that if all humans died today the Earth would flourish? The Earth would be brighter than a diamond without us. If the bees died today we would eventually ALL die.

And to think that WE are the ones that run the world, huh? On the surface, yes, but on the inside, we are just a virus that our planet wants to get rid of.

Basically, living a vegan lifestyle means that we do whatever we can to NOT use anything from animals; their body, their body fluids, their pain, their lives.t.

Drugs are tested on animals but I would never say to someone that they shouldn’t take drugs when they need to (not cocaine, stupid – I mean pills and stuff). People in 3rd world countries depend on animal flesh and fluids to survive, I would never say that they should go vegan. I want US (you and me, not the country) to go vegan, I want US, who can, to do something so that in the future others can live a vegan lifestyle as well.

I buy vegan clothing; I buy vegan makeup; I buy plant-based foods; I don’t go to circuses that use animals; I don’t watch movies where animals have obviously been abused; I don’t ride any animals; I don’t buy animals; I don’t go to facilities where animals are imprisoned; I don’t harm animals if there is no need to do so (that means that if a fly is biting me, I will surely try to kill him, or if an army of ants comes to my apartment and I can’t get rid of them, I will have to remove them and kill them. Do I enjoy it? I really don’t).

Living a vegan lifestyle does NOT mean that you become a hippie or that you are suddenly required to do yoga every morning. Not at all. Veganism is about the animals – nothing else. Everything else stays the same, you just stop exploiting animals. Easy.

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