meditation matters vegan

I am a big advocate for meditation.

I believe that sitting down every day and focusing on your breath is the most efficient way to deal with life’s problems. Mindfulness is a tool every person should be using.

I wrote so many posts about meditation already, plus I shared a life-changing meditation app I use with you a few months ago here, but I want to specifically focus on why meditation matters when you go vegan.

The changes you experience in your mindset once you realize what a cruel world we live in, will so easily break you down and make you feel hopeless. It’s something that the majority of vegans experience and some never manage to learn how to handle it.

I don’t want you to be vegan and sad, I want you to be vegan and awesome instead (write in the comments if you know who inspired me to write that).

Here are three reasons why meditation matters when you go vegan:

  • Meditation helps you step away from all the problems our world is facing and it gives you an opportunity to just exist in a space where nothing is wrong. To just experience peace for a few seconds without the reminder of how cruel we are to others.
  • Meditation helps you stay focused on things that matter and manage distracting thoughts. No more worrying about a thousand problems when you know focusing on one solution is what will shift the world towards compassion and kindness.
  • Meditation teaches you the most important lesson in life. It teaches you of impermanence. Nothing lasts forever and that is the same for your pain and sadness as is for the cruelty and abuse other animals are enduring as you read this. It will end one day, I promise.

I am constantly reading a book called Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein that I reviewed here.

This book is full of Buddhist wisdom and teachings from Buddha. Joseph beautifully writes about how to use mindfulness in our day to day life and how meditation changes our perception of reality. I love that anyone can read it, no need to follow any religions or believe in anything supernatural.

The world is a tough place and it will break your heart many, many times, but you can learn how to manage your response. It is possible to learn how to handle the painful thoughts and stay calm in your heart – even if it lasts only for a few seconds, every second counts.

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meditation matters vegan