Why a minimalist wardrobe works for me.

I feel like you can tell from my Instagram photos and the way I write that I am not a big fan of the fashion industry. I like clothes like any other girl and I do enjoy shopping, but fashion, in general, makes my skin crawl.

It’s not so much that I don’t think dressing up can be a form of art or that fashion shows are absolutely ridiculous, but it’s that idea that the fashion industry wants us to believe that being a model is as good of a job as being a doctor is (in my opinion, it’s not) or that fashion can unite the world (it can’t).

Sure, models can use their fame for great things and can be incredible role models, but posing in front of a camera in a dress that someone had to die for is not a job that I believe children should aspire to do.

As a young kid, I loved wearing boys’ clothes as much as girls’ clothes and I loved high-heels in the same way as I loved sneakers and a baseball cap. But when I grew up, I realized that even though I had many clothes, I only preferred a handful of them.

Shopping was a good source of entertainment and spending time after school but it wasn’t something that made me more creative or mentally stable. I found that the more clothes I had and the more options I could choose from, the more I felt confused and lost.

Are clothes really something that we should strive to collect?

Throughout my life, I have met beautiful women who worshipped their collection of a hundred pairs of high heels and loved to buy a new purse every week, but inside they were sad and empty.

I don’t want to generalize and assume that every fashionista is a sad individual but stereotypes don’t exist for nothing; they are usually true. If you disagree with me and believe that one can be mindful and materialistic at the same time, please elaborate on that. I would love to hear your arguments (I really would).

There was a time when I watched Gossip Girl and spent 7€ on Seventeen Magazine just because I idolized this girly lifestyle where everything is pink, shiny and glamorous. I wanted a full closet, a separate space for headbands and the best makeup brands the market has to offer.

Maybe this works for you and you are able to balance a mindful life and a desire for materialistic things, but it was not something I wanted to do long term.

The reason why a minimalist wardrobe works for me is that I know my values. My values are freedom, truth and honesty, not materialism or consumerism. I want to be as free as I can be and possessions are a prison.

Of course, I own things that I love and can hardly go a day without using them, but at this point in my life, I know that if my laptop disappears or if I lose my phone, I will still be able to live according to my values. That’s all that matters to me.

A minimalist wardrobe gives me the freedom to dress modestly and comfortably. It gives me the freedom to move and to stretch. It gives me the freedom to focus on things that are bigger than me.

Most importantly, it gives me an opportunity to walk the walk.

I talk about environmentalism and being eco-friendly because this is what matters to me. I deeply care about our planet Earth and I care about our mother nature. I want to learn and be wise, not be best dressed or have the most expensive shoes. I want to breathe.

I won’t blame the media for making me value materialism when I was a teenager or blame magazines for feeling like I need to look a certain way because I brought it all upon myself. I was the one that compared myself to pretty girls at school and it was me who felt like owning 10 pairs of jeans would make me more attractive to the opposite sex.

Now I see myself as someone who strives to make this world a better place for future generations. I enjoy pretty dresses as much as the next person and I like to buy new clothes that I need, but I don’t consume what I don’t need or want to the point of losing my identity.

I know what colors I love (the ones you find in nature in autumn) and what pieces of clothing are a must in my closet (leggings, lots of plaid, sweaters and simple shirts that I buy from the men’s section). If I am completely, utterly and most wholeheartedly honest with you, my biggest fashion inspirations are Sam and Dean Winchester.

And I won’t even say that I wish I would be joking because Supernatural (tv show) is quite literally my inspiration for life. Saving the world, wearing plaid, quoting badass movie characters and eating pie.

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