This past year has been incredibly educational for me because I challenged myself to become more eco-friendly and change certain habits of mine.

My original goal was to go zero waste by the end of this year but as months went by I realized that this is just not something I want to do so I settled for reducing the amount of waste I produce or at least trying to reduce the amount of shit I buy with plastic.

Zero waste is obviously more than just not using plastic; it’s about not creating any waste that can’t biodegrade in your backyard. It was something that looked good on the paper but not so much in theory.

But I did manage to create big changes in how I live and how Earth-friendly my lifestyle is, and today I want to share them with you because with the New Year coming and all, it is the perfect time to set some new goals for next year and strive for improvement.

Imagine waking up a year from now with a clean slate because you know that the Earth is a bit greener because you are taking care of her. Imagine buying things that you care about and investing in pieces that were ethically produced. Imagine finally living a lifestyle that is supported by your values and beliefs.

Here are some things you can put on your list of goals for the next year:

  • Replace your plastic toothbrush with the one made out of bamboo. Honestly, it is not very comfortable to use (at least for me), but I do feel good knowing that in 3 months I won’t send it to the ocean where it will get stuck in the nose of a turtle or end up in the belly of a whale.
  • Replace plastic water bottles with reusable ones. To be honest, I bought a reusable water bottle that is made from plastic because I bought it on impulse to prove myself that I can make a change. But it’s all good because this one will last for a lot longer than the other ones.
  • Replace plastic bags with reusable ones. There are plenty of bags that you can buy at the store, some are made out of paper but I recommend buying a few cotton bags/totes. To read more about the benefits of using a reusable bag make sure to read this post that I wrote.
  • Stop buying things with a straw in it. I stopped buying my beloved little chocolate milk packs and it was a big change for me because I spent quite a lot of money on them and drinking them was my favourite little ritual while watching movies. Every little thing counts though and if you really want to use straws start using the ones made out of wood or glass.
  • Another thing that I started changing (but am still on the road to completely banning) is my usage of notebooks and planners. I have a bit of a problem with being a planner but not being able to execute anything that I wrote down so I would constantly buy new notebooks, because I would go through tens and hundreds of pages and then throw the whole thing in the trash because I now wanted something else. I am a huge fan of Evernote and it’s now my go-to place to write down all my notes and plans.

As you can see, the few changes I made are making quite some impact on the world and even though the goal is to be much, much eco-friendlier than I already am, you can still have a positive impact with small changes.

We are all making progress and as long as we don’t stop, we should be proud of ourselves.

Consider making a few of these changes yourself and implementing a few of my ideas into your own life. If you need more of them, you can always follow me on Instagram.