motivate myself to workout

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of having abs like Rachele Brooke Smith (look at them), especially since I was obsessed with Bring It On movies and she was in one of my favorite ones from the franchise.

Sadly, I am also a lazy person that will avoid working out unless I am really, really motivated. There were times when I was seeing the results very clearly and then I would suddenly stop. Who knows why.

I already shared in one of my previous posts that you can read here how to move your body in 15 minutes a day. That’s like the ultimate post for people who claim they are too busy to move their bodies.

Whenever I fall off the Fit Train, I at least know that I am giving my body some exercise by taking the stairs, walking everywhere or just playing with my niece and running around.

But if you are ready to get in the best shape of your life (which is what I am doing right now) then follow the 3 clever ways that help me workout every day and move towards my goal. They are a bit weird but since I have a teeny-tiny problem with commitment, I find that following these tips I am somehow able to be more consistent in making progress.

Here are 3 ways I motivate myself to workout:

  • I created a list in Trello with all my favorite quotes that relate to fitness and working out. Now, I do one Blogilates video for each quote I have on my list. I am so eager to delete the list that I workout every day to remove more and more quotes as days go by. Plus, quotes motivate me to do even better and work even harder.
  • I created a YouTube playlist with every single video from Blogilates (I love Cassey and her workouts) and I started at the beginning. Meaning, Cassey uploaded her first video like 10 years ago and I started there. So I am getting in shape with her and slowly progressing towards the current year and newest workouts. It motivates me to see how her body changed and I can see how I am becoming stronger and fitter.
  • If the second tip doesn’t work for you, try the third tip that I did before I created a playlist. So, subscribe to your favorite fitness channels – not more than 3 to avoid overwhelm – and every time a new video comes out try to complete it as soon as possible. That way you are never aware of what workout you will do next and you can count on breaks when no videos will be posted. It’s great if you like to be spontaneous and just want to move for fun and have breaks between workouts.

Tell me now, lovely, are you inspired to make a change in your life?

This is our life and we have this one beautiful body so we better take care of it like our life depends on it, because it does. It really, really does. Everything we do either brings us health or it brings us illness.

We can be vegan and eat super healthy foods but if we are lazy and our bodies lack energy then no matter how much broccoli you eat, you will get sick. I don’t want that anymore.

Maybe I won’t have abs like Rachele Brooke Smith but I certainly want to feel like I can kick ass and be strong if someone kidnaps me; because yes, I am thinking about the worst case scenario when I am working out.

I mean, you never know when someone will make you plank over a bunch of knives. Hell yeah, I will practice planking to avoid future death. I want to be like Lara Croft or Sydney from Relic Hunter. A badass bitch.

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motivate myself to workout