Vegan celebrities are speaking out. Is their message any good?

We know what a big deal it is for the vegan community when a celebrity announces that they went vegan. Because suddenly they are not just some random celebrity, but a vegan celebrity. It’s a big deal! We are all ecstatic and over the moon.  But are they really helping? How many people actually get inspired by their favorite celebrity going vegan?

Well, a whole lot it seems.

I personally haven’t been inspired by a celebrity, but I have seen people try to eat more plants after a certain famous person posted something about it on social media.

I mean, if Miley Cyrus shares a photo of her eating a delicious vegan pizza, you will probably trust that she knows a good pizza. It’s Hannah Montana for nature’s sake! Of course, she knows good pizza, and now you want it too.

My favorite vegan celebrity is Joaquin Phoenix. I trust him completely and not only is he a great animal rights activist, but he is also a great actor that is not a fame whore. That means something, you know. The man pretended to be crazy for a year to film a documentary and narrated Earthlings – the most important vegan documentary ever.

Joaquin helps me keep my faith in vegan celebrities. Oh, and did you know that he went vegetarian at the age of 3? Who is that smart at the age of 3? Joaquin, that’s who.

Many celebrities who are vegan, can inspire their fans to try it out too. Especially, if those celebrities are super famous and popular, like Miley and Liam Hemsworth (you know, Thor’s brother).

Every movie they are promoting is a chance for them to say something about not eating animals, and taa-daa people may try it out.

You don’t have to like a certain celebrity for you to know how much of a big deal it is when they start talking about why they don’t eat animals. Everything they say can be read or heard by millions. That’s millions of people that now know that this very famous successful person has been vegan for a while and that they are still sexy and pretty. People care about those things.

People want to be inspired by someone they find attractive and inspirational, not some random fat Joe on the street corner. I’m sorry but that’s why vegan celebrities matter. In a superficial world of ours, hot vegan celebrities matter.

Youngsters, who happen to be our future presidents and politicians and scientists, care about looks and aesthetics. They want to know that going vegan won’t transform them into a grey looking alien but they will become shiny and lean just like their favorite celebrity!

It’s sad but it’s true.

I understand that with them it’s not always easy to say because they can just be jumping on the vegan train because it seems cool and hip, but we have to trust that they are here for the long ride. Posting something about veganism on Instagram to your 70+ millions of followers is pretty fucking special. That’s 70 million people – okay let’s say it’s only 50 million that actually see it – that will hear about it.

How many people can YOU reach in one day? Not trying to diminish your work and your activism, just saying that if they can reach a few million people in a day, we should support them and be aware of how powerful their voice is.

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