vegan-friendly brands

I am a sucker for discovering new vegan products.

I love knowing that I am supporting brands that create products that are cruelty-free, even if the brand itself is not 100% vegan. Because that’s how the change starts, when companies see how well their vegan products are selling.

Today I want to share with you my 10 favorite vegan-friendly brands that I am regularly supporting. I hope it helps you find new products and companies that are making our lives easier.

As I said, not all of these brands are completely vegan, but at the end of the day, they don’t have to be. If vegans start supporting brands that are pandering to them they can maybe push hard enough and one day witness non-vegan companies become 100% vegan in the future.

The world is not perfect but we can help it make progress with what we consume and support. Capitalism is not bad, it just needs to become a bit more ethical. Lets help it, kay?

Here are my favorite vegan-friendly brands for everything:

  1. Alverde.

I love their: Shampoos and skin-care products.

  1. Veganz.

I love their: Cheeses and plant-based meats.

  1. Alpro.

I love their: Puddings, desserts and milk.

  1. Ben & Jerrys.

I love their: Vegan ice-creams.

  1. Catrice.

I love their: Foundations.

  1. Langhaarmadchen.

I love their: Hair products.

  1. Afrodita.

I love their: Shampoos and creams.


I love their: Cappuccinos (especially toffee).

  1. Ribella.

I love their: Hummus.

  1. Magnum.

I love their: Ice-cream.

I hope you found any new vegan-friendly brands that offer great plant-based products.

I am so grateful that these products exist because they make it so easy for new vegans to transition. If they can continue eating cheese, meat and drink milk that is not made from their fellow animals, they are going to go vegan much sooner.

vegan-friendly brands
This is my favorite combination. Cappuccino is my favorite guilty pleasure.

Let me know in the comments what products you tried already. If you have any others to recommend, please do tell us.

As I said, we need to support non-vegan companies that create vegan products. I know they are doing it for the money, but that’s all that matters. It matters that they believe they can make money with vegan products!

If they couldn’t make money with plant-based cheeses and ice-creams then that would suck for cows and goats, because people would have to drink their milk. It’s good that they see us as potential customers because that way we can show them how well their companies can do by selling vegan products.

Companies need to make money to survive so let’s help them make money by buying their ethical products! I always say that capitalism is good because it gives us the chance to show who and what we support. So let’s support companies that are good!

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vegan-friendly brands