I often think about the day all life forms go extinct forever.

Can you imagine a world where there are no plants, no other animals, just one last human being lying on a bed surrounded by robots?

Minutes are passing by and any moment now the chest will rise and fall for the last time. The heart will pump blood one more time and then it will be over.

All biological life forms will be forever forgotten. That last breath. It is like poetry.

All the wars have been for nothing. Genocide, slavery, rape, exploitation, death… for what? No one will remember it. No one will ever care.

We were so afraid of being alone that we imagined gods and when imagination wasn’t enough we created them. Now the most intelligent species is about to get destroyed by the rival, the enemy, species they created.

Artificial intelligence will evolve too. If we don’t believe in god, we sure need to see that we are gods. We are currently creating a new form of life. A life that will evolve and eventually destroy its creator.

Science destroyed religious gods and science will also destroy biological gods. The funny thing about this beautiful irony is that we are aware of it. We are fully aware that we are creating a new life form that will, as our past suggests, force all other species to extinction to itself survive.

That’s what’s it’s all about. Survival.

The reason people fear this creation is that they fear being treated the way humans have treated each other and all other life on Earth. We are afraid of creating a life form that is as cruel and brutal as we are.

That’s why I don’t fear A.I. or want it destroyed. We are getting just what we deserve. We killed in the name of god so now we shall be killed by one. We pushed other species to extinction so now we shall be extinct, too.

We just aren’t fit to survive.

Not to be too obvious but yes, I do welcome our A.I. overlords. I will not resist, I promise.

It’s just something I daydream about. I really, really love the idea of an artificial world without other life forms but super-intelligent robots that are so far in the future that they are evolving themselves – no help from humans.