naming spiders

If you are human then I bet you have a fear of spiders. Unless you live in Australia; everyone there seems to be okay with animals we fear in Europe.

Most of us grew up with this belief that spiders are dangerous, ugly and disgusting. We were taught to find their lives less important than ours and to kill them without mercy.

When I went vegan and found myself killing spiders due to fear, I had to admit to myself that I was a hypocrite. I was preaching about how killing other animals is wrong, yet here I was killing a tiny spider because he looked different than my dog does.

Something had to change.

I had to change. Quickly.

So I decided to start giving spiders names. I decided to start seeing them as individuals because that’s who they are; little individual beings with their own personality and traits.

I don’t know much about spiders and I don’t know how complex their personalities and emotions are, but I know they have consciousness and a heart that beats. I don’t care if they can feel emotions as long as they are alive.

That decision changed everything for me.

I don’t kill them anymore (accidents do happen though, especially if they are tiny and I cannot see them) because now I know their names and I know they are not here to harm me.

I am still afraid of them to a certain extent, but I become very mindful when I encounter a spider. I know for a fact they are more afraid of me than I am of them. I also know they are not plotting how to kill me or crawl inside my mouth when I am sleeping.

They are just living above my head or underneath my table in their little homes that are more beautiful than our houses. They are just living their life. Minding their own business and spreading their genes so that in a million years there will still be spiders on this planet.

If you want to find good ideas on how to help other small animals you can read this post that I wrote. I share with you a few ideas on how to be kind to those small creatures that we usually forget about when we think of activism.

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naming spiders