Why I will never again eat animals.

never again eat animals

When I decided to change my lifestyle a few years ago, I knew that this change was permanent.

It wasn’t something I decided because I felt pressure or guilt or shame. It was something that was missing from my life.

My values were there and I knew what was wrong and right, but because I was blind and uneducated, I let myself exploit those who are the most innocent among all species.

Today, I am still not doing this because I feel pressure, guilt or shame. I am doing this because my number one values are freedom and truth.

I will never again eat animals because I am an animal.

I will never again eat animals because I know the truth now.

I will never again eat animals because I want every individual to be free.

I know what is right and I know what is wrong. My morals are strong and I never struggle with craving meat, dairy, honey or eggs. I just don’t see these products as food anymore. They are body parts and bodily fluids.

I am not obsessed with this lifestyle as you can read in this post here, because it’s not something that defines me. Veganism is not my whole life; it is a part of my life.

When I think of my future and where I see myself, I never wonder about how vegan I will be. When I go out I never think about how vegan I am compared to others. I also don’t tell people I am vegan unless they ask me.

It’s not something I have to decide to be when I wake up. It’s who I am. Not a definition, but a part of me.

My natural hair color doesn’t define me, so why would the food I eat define me? Or the clothes I wear?

Don’t put me in a vegan box, because I am more than that.

I will never again eat animals because this is a part of my life now.

There will never be a time when I will discriminate against someone based on their skin color, and there will never be a time when I will discriminate against someone based on what species they are a part of.

It’s just how I live. I don’t think about it, I just do it. I am not a vegan, I am a human being who lives according to their values. It’s normal for me to not go out and kill people I dislike and it’s normal for me to not pay someone else to kill other species of animals.

Does that even make sense?


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never again eat animals

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