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One of the things I want to talk more about in the next 12 months is meditation.

I absolutely owe so much of the progress I made with my mental health to this free tool that is available to us. I want to inspire at least one person who reads this to give it a try and experience the benefits of practising it.

Since education is key and we cannot progress without the necessary knowledge, I want to talk about books today.

My regular readers are already familiar with all three of them, but some of you just stumbled upon this post today and I don’t want you to miss out on these gems I love and recommend.

In these three books, I will introduce to you today, you can learn the basics of meditation + why do it in the first place. As I have read them multiple times, I know for a fact you will get all the information you require to start between these pages.

Are you ready?

Here are 3 books I wish every new meditator would read.

If you click on the titles, you will be taken to the review I wrote for each book in the past. I told you, I only recommend things that I know for a fact work and I am constantly raving about them.

Although meditation is about the practice and actually sitting down and doing the work, I see no harm in reading about it too. Especially when you are a beginner and want to be sure that what you’re about to start doing works.

Also, leaders are readers, and we all need to lead the way towards a better future for younger generations.

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