new perspective

I love to have my views on life changed by a movie I just watched.

As someone who absolutely loves to learn about taboo topics that other people fear discussing because they are too strange, kinky or simply immoral, I can’t wait to experience that moment when a Hollywood movie pushes me out in the open and forces me to face the unknown.

Whether we are talking about falling in love and having sex with a robot, finding humanity in a sociopathic murderer, thinking about the ethics of torture or just discussing how death changes us, movies have a way to shock us with their reality.

Because all those taboo topics we are so afraid of discussing are things that are normal. A thing doesn’t have to be moral or ethical or widely accepted as good to be normal to humans.

Sociopathy and psychopathy are actual things people have. There are actual humans who have no empathy, and they are not serial killers. They are humans who are probably in your circle of friends. Sex robots are a thing and we humans tend to be complex beings that are capable of falling in love with a voice alone, so why would a topic about falling in love with an A.I. be uncomfortable?

But I digress.

I love movies and many of them gave me a new perspective on life. I want them to do that to you, too, so here are a few of my favorites and a short description of what I find most fascinating about them. Also, I linked to trailers.

Here are movies that will give you a new perspective on life:

What would you do to a person that is suspected of kidnapping your child? How far would you go to punish them? What if you had no actual evidence that they committed the crime? Is torture the answer to peace? Prisoners is dark and brilliant and cinematography made this movie my favorite film of all times. It will make your skin crawl but in a good way!

The movie shows the dark side of the media and how blood is all that matters when you are trying to reach the desired number of views. You just might find yourself cheering for a strange-looking yet smart and hard-working sociopath – well, you will fear him but because he is so human you will see yourself in him. Seriously, I actually found myself nodding to his speeches during the movie and agreeing with him.

How will we find love when A.I. takes over? Will we still crave human touch or will a super intelligent operating system be able to make us fall in love? What even is love? Her is a thought-provoking film that shows us the future of humanity, society and emotional connection.

Can you repeat the past? According to Jay Gatsby you can, and he just might know how – or at least he thinks he has it figured out. A movie that shows the dangers of attachment, jealousy, and how wealth can so easily replace emotional emptiness.

A visually powerful movie that shows the strength humans possess when faced with death, loss and war. Testament of Youth is a movie based on the First World War memoir written by Vera Brittain.

Should you eat the main course before you get to the dessert or should you just indulge in what you actually want to eat? This is the question I asked myself when I watched this movie almost 10 years ago. Would the answer change if you knew you will die soon? Remember Me will make you cry and think about your priorities.

Now that you have a list of movies that are absolutely brilliant, which ones piqued your interest? Are you already searching for them on Netflix? You better.

I only chose the best ones because not all movies are worth watching and I know a good movie when I see one. I wish I were a movie critic, I have so much to say about how stories are told. I always liked to critique other peoples work; from football matches to books. I don’t know why I like it so much. Does anyone of you like to do that as well?

Please let me know what are some of your favorite movies that made you rethink your whole life and share them in the comment section. Maybe they will do the same thing for me!

I would love to see you over on my Instagram as I tend to share movies that I watch and books that I read, especially if they are good and I’ve learnt something from them.


p.s. – If you want to watch some movies with a vegan message, here is my list.

new perspective