nice vegan

Opening your heart and pouring out compassion when all you feel on the inside is anger is really fucking hard, guys.

Being a nice vegan when you’re angry is like eating lemons and pretending you’re eating candy. It’s almost impossible sometimes, but only sometimes.

The whole secret sauce lies in training yourself in mindfulness and realizing that the personality of someone is not a reflection of who they are beneath it.

Sure, there are a few people who genuinely are just born with ASPD and do not really feel empathy, but the majority of assholes you meet and talk to are just people who are indoctrinated and afraid.

With that, I don’t mean that we are not indoctrinated ourselves because in this post I am solely focusing on talking about veganism and exploiting other animals.

People who are eager to fight you because you are vegan, leave mean comments under your posts on social media or just judge you because, shockingly, you don’t want to harm any of your fellow animals, are not actually mean people.

They are afraid of changing their whole lifestyle and creating new habits. They are afraid to admit that someone who is living a completely different lifestyle than they are might be actually right. They are indoctrinated by the society that promotes the idea that some species are more important than others.

When you really want to be a nice vegan and you find yourself struggling, take a deep breath and try to see the person as they are in this moment.

Forget about who they eat every day and what they’ve done to other animals, but imagine who they are beneath all these beliefs and opinions they have. Most likely they are against cruelty to other animals and they turn away when they see footage from slaughterhouses.

I bet that they see butterflies and ladybugs and smile when they land on their hands, and they are probably fascinated by cows when they see videos of them enjoying music, and they also pet every dog they see!

They are people just like you and me, they just happen to still be asleep when it comes to animal cruelty.

I know how angry you get when you read an article that describes how hypocritical vegans supposedly are because they prefer other animals over humans (which is not true as I wrote here), and I know how it hurts to see a cow getting her throat slashed.

I know all of these feelings because I feel them too. I promise you aren’t the only one.

I am not immune to criticism and shaming. I feel every negative emotion one feels when one cares about something most don’t care about.

But when we are mindful and in the moment, we can actually practice seeing the beautiful being and not the persona they created over the years.

Tell me, is it easy for you to practice being a nice vegan? Have you figured out the mindfulness or are you still struggling with anger? I would love to hear your story so please leave a comment below.

I think that when we are able to catch ourselves before we go crazy and start fighting with someone, we can truly create a long-lasting positive impact. If we can manage to learn mindfulness and have a mental note of someone’s true nature when we are challenged, we can be a nice vegan 99% of the time.


nice vegan