This morning I checked my YouTube subscriptions and noticed that a popular YouTuber uploaded a video where – by how she titled the video and knowing a part of her history with veganism – she talked about why she stopped being vegan.

And later I listened to a podcast by Earth to Us on the topic of no-longer-vegans. It seemed appropriate to listen to their podcast as I have decided not to watch the YouTuber’s video. They presented some great arguments and I have learned a few new things.

So I knew I had to write something about the phenomena of fascination among animal eaters when they see a video by someone who is no longer vegan.

I wrote about why vegans fail on a vegan lifestyle before, but I am fascinated by how people seem to be attracted to those types of videos. There is this urge to watch how someone failed as a vegan. People want to have their doubts confirmed; they want to know that living vegan is not healthy, sustainable or easy.

They get high on watching used to be ‘preachy’ vegans, admit that they failed. They want the dirt. And they get it.

  • ‘It was too restrictive for me. ‘
  • ‘My body was telling me to eat meat. ‘
  • ‘I had no energy. ‘
  • ‘I needed B12. ‘
  • ‘I realized animals will die anyway, so why not eat them. ‘

The excuses do not seem to end anywhere. They go on and on and on about how they failed and how eating animals was simply the only solution.

It wasn’t education, or eating more, or listening to their morals, or educating themselves even more. Nope. It was the taste, the convenience that won. The pleasure of eating an animal for 5 minutes.

What’s most troubling about the ‘no longer vegan’ people is that they simply gave up. They go straight to the most used up excuses, the plainest and boring excuses that are simply not true and can be debunked – and are, by many vegans who post their response on social media – easily if only given a chance.

You know what takes balls? Or a vagina in women’s case?

It takes balls/vagina to say that you simply didn’t desire to be vegan anymore. Or that you simply do not care about all animals. That you simply do not give a damn.

But that would mean that you are someone who values convenience over life; murder over life; your taste buds over the cruelty and planet destruction. And no one wants to be that person. No one wants to be seen as a person that doesn’t care.

Because we do want to care.

We want to be understood. We want others to tell us that it’s alright and that we haven’t done anything wrong.

We want people to comfort us and tell us that we are simply the victim of circumstances, evolution and biology.

But let me tell you something: you are not a victim and you are responsible.

I know people who were plant-based for a while but went back to eating animals because they fell ill. They were lacking energy and their body was aching. They felt like they were restricting themselves.

And they were.

They never educated themselves. They were against the idea of veganism from the start. They did not believe it was sustainable or healthy long-term, and they fell for the pseudoscience that confirmed their doubts about the vegan lifestyle.

So naturally, they did what everyone does: they gathered a ton of excuses and went back to eating animals.

And you know what the funny thing about that is?

That they were starving themselves and restricted their calories – because they never learned how to eat as a plant-eater, they remained a heavy smoker, and never moved their body – because apparently, their body doesn’t like to be moved.

Do you see where I am going?

They not only didn’t eat enough and never picked up a proper book on plant-based nutrition, but they carried with them their habits of chain smoking and only doing light exercises once a week.

It wasn’t the plant-based diet that caused them harm; it was their lack of interest in properly living as a vegan.

  • It’s a choice not to read The China Study, How Not to Die and Poteinaholic.
  • It’s a choice to start eating plant-based fully doubting that you will be able to sustain it.
  • It’s a choice to believe studies about plant-based diets being unhealthy without knowing the background of the person who conducted it and who paid for it to be done.
  • It’s a choice to eat peanuts and barely any carbs and then feel hungry and lacking energy.

Every choice that you make when you go plant-based or vegan has consequences.

Millions of vegans are living completely healthy lifestyles; many of them have been vegan since birth or for 50+ years.

They are alive. They are not all special species that is different than you.

All societies that lived the longest ate mostly or fully plant-based.

That’s not a coincidence. It’s called reality.

If you are no longer vegan but wish to jump back on the vegan train of compassion and kindness, then I invite you to take a few minutes and read my post on how science – that was not paid by the meat, dairy and the egg industry – tells us that eating plant-based is the healthiest and most sustainable for us.

I would also encourage you to leave a comment below with your opinion on why people love the ‘no longer vegan’ confessions.


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