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When I started blogging almost 5 years ago, I knew nothing about getting traffic, marketing or social media networking. Honestly, even now I am struggling with some things. But as the time goes by, I find myself being more and more open to gaining knowledge and experience.

When I started my first vegan blog (it started as a lifestyle blog, turned vegan once I went vegan) in December 2014, all I wanted was to earn thousands of Euros every month, being sent beauty products and finally become famous (my childhood dream to be honest). It didn’t turn out that way.

I spent two years writing posts that I was never really happy with.

I was writing about myself instead of writing about things that truly mattered (like the environment and other animals) and I had no freaking idea about what social media ads were. Now, about 5 years later, I finally said no to bullshit posts, turned my writing talent into something that I use for a bigger purpose and had my first unsuccessful Facebook AD campaign. What an amazing experience blogging has been for me!

Now let’s talk about you and your vegan blog. You may be new at this or you may have started your first blog 10 years ago – that really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you don’t know how to get people to read what you’re writing about and that sucks; big time.

If you want to change the world for better through your writing and inspire people to go vegan, you need an audience. I know – shocking, it took me by surprise too. Imagine being naïve and spending two years thinking that you are such a great writer that people will just magically appear on your website. I did that.

Now, what can YOU do to get more people reading your vegan blog? I have a few ideas, so get your pen and paper ready and start writing them down.

  • Decide on two social media platforms that you really, really like and get GREAT at them. I personally don’t like Twitter, so I deleted it after years of trying to build an audience there. I do love Pinterest and Instagram though, so I focus on promoting my posts there. My following is growing very slowly, but I am passionate about them and that makes it easy to handle the low number of followers. I really do my best at bringing them value every single time I post something new.
  • SEO is your best friend. If you have WORDPRESS, then you must be using SEO Yoast. Make sure that the dot is the color green before you publish your post (if you have WP + SEO Yoast, you know what I’m talking about). And make sure you use SEO titles on your posts and on your image descriptions.
  • Buffer was my favorite tool to use when I was on Twitter, as it used to help me schedule Tweets for a week in advance. That way I only took a few hours during the weekend to be worry-free for the next 7 days.
  • Create attractive images for your social media on Canva. People do care about pretty things and if the image with which you are promoting your latest post on Instagram is ugly, I just won’t click on it. It’s vain but it’s true.
  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. Use them + use a lot of them and use hashtags that people search often.

Okay, so now that I gave you a few ideas that will help you increase your traffic, I want to ask you two very important questions.

  • WHY are you blogging? I am blogging because I have a passion for sharing the lessons I have learnt on my vegan journey.
  • WHO are you blogging for? My main target are new vegans but I have many posts that are written specifically for long-term vegans, too.

If you don’t have your big why and if you don’t know who you are doing it for, you might as well stop spending your time and money on blogging.

My big why is that I am good at writing – not Tolstoy good but I can make people feel something when reading my content.

I love writing and I believe that the internet can be incredibly useful when it comes to animal rights activism. I want to help new vegans become happier and less depressed. Therefore, my WHY is my passion for saving other animals and my WHO are new vegans, and vegans who are unhappy and depressed.

Before you go – tell me in the comment below what are your secret tips for getting traffic (if you are a blogger) and what your favorite social media platform is?

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