6 helpful tips for vegan activists in 2019.

As a vegan activist and someone who spends every day putting out content that inspires people to live ethically and shop with compassion, I am passionate about helping others in my position to do better. […]

Is veganism only for the privileged and white?

In short, the answer would be no, but since this is a blog you probably expect me to go into detail about my opinion. This post was inspired by people who claim that minorities can’t […]

3 simple tips for a more eco friendly lifestyle.

Mother Nature has been begging us to stop harming her for decades. She has pleaded us, threatened us, and sometimes even harmed us, yet we refuse to listen and change. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change […]

What Mindfulness by Joseph Goldstein taught me.

A few weeks ago I finally received Joseph Goldstein’s book Mindfulness. I learnt about him from listening to, you know it, the Waking Up podcast with Sam Harris. Before we begin, can we appreciate how […]