Farm animals need your help. Here is what you can do.

farm animals

Animals living on farms are one of the most abused beings on this planet. They are raised for food and have absolutely no choice whatsoever on what to do with their lives. Cows, pigs, and chickens (among many other species) are raised for food and their body parts are put on display; it’s barbaric and completely disturbing.

I have been living on the countryside for the past 12 years and let me tell you that listening to pigs scream every single day, while they are being fed to grow bigger and locked away from the sun 24/7, is not a fun part of my life. That is why I want to talk to you about some ways on how you can help farm animals, so we can together change the lives of those incredibly smart and kind animals.

As you know by now, the biggest and basically the only way we can help farm animals, and any other animal for that matter, is by going vegan. The best way of showing how much we care for the animals is by not eating them.

Once you stop consuming them and treating them as slaves (which is what so-called pets are, listen to Gary Francione speak about this here) you are able to expand your compassion and help others do the same. Literally, the only way to truly help farm animals is by going vegan because if you want to help them while still eating their flesh or anything that comes out of their body (did you know that eggs are literally menstruation), you are not really interested in helping them at all.

If you are a vegan though, you can do so much as well to help farm animals: you can volunteer at a farm sanctuary, sign petitions, spread the truth behind the meat/dairy and egg industry, and donate money, just ask how you can help your favorite animal sanctuary/farm and do as much as you can.

Once you are ready to talk to other people about veganism you can connect to animal rights activists or educators that live in your local area, they will surely help you with getting on stage and speaking about the importance of veganism. You can join activists on the street demanding the rights and equality among all beings on this planet. Everything that you do matters to the billions of farm animals who are slaughtered every year.

I personally write on my website to spread the message on the internet and help (new) vegans through social media.

Remember, you have the power to change the lives of many animals on this planet. If you want to learn about how to become an animal rights activist, here is a post I wrote.

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Cowspiracy. Dare to watch it this weekend?

This movie changed my life. Seriously, it completely changed my life and what I prioritize on a daily basis.

Cowspiracy follows a filmmaker Kip Andersen seeking the truth about our environment and what is the leading cause of it; coming to the conclusion that eating animals is the knife we are putting in our Mother Earths back and that none of the big names gives a damn about speaking out the truth. It’s scary and terrifying to witness how many people lie straight to the camera about not knowing the leading cause of climate change.

A documentary opens a whole new conversation – can we, normal people walking the streets and struggling to pay the rent, can WE actually do something? Is it actually up to us to change the planet and not on the big corporation’s shoulders? After all, we are the consumers and we pay for what will be manufactured.

It never made sense to me why our planet continues to die when we have been recycling in Slovenia (and in many countries around the world) for years now and hybrid cars have been a normalcy among so many people. We have bikes to ride around and we are all trying to use as little plastic as we possibly can; I mean, for nature’s sake, we have been bombarded with all the information about recycling and saving water; how on Earth could our planet be getting worse?

Turns out, the cause was really our breakfast, and our lunch, and our dinner, and all the snacks in between. The leading cause of climate change are all the animals we slaughter and eat, all the cows we rape and all the pigs we murder for bacon! Who would have thought that we were lied to and that our presidents, that we so trust in, would betray us like that?

I think I made my point by now, so I truly challenge you to watch Cowspiracy this weekend and open your eyes to the mass extinction we are in right now due to our greed and vanity.

We want everything to be for us. Even Earth should bow down and kiss our feet; after all aren’t we THE humans, the ones that made this planet relevant? The ignorance and greed that we humans possess will never cease to amaze me in the worst way possible. Some sadistic part of me wants us all to die and pay for what we have done to this planet, but I love other animals too much to see them go extinct due to our ignorance.

Invite your friends over to watch Cowspiracy together or watch it alone. Open your eyes and become aware of this horrible phase that we are in so that you can be inspired to take action and join me on a journey to stop climate change and the slaughter of trillions of animals.

If you want more ideas on what movies and documentaries to watch with a vegan message – here is a whole list I created.

I invite you to come back on Monday and let me know in the comment section what did you think of Cowspiracy and how has this documentary inspired you to change for better and greener.

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Honey is not vegan and I will tell you why.

A lot of people draw the line when it comes to consuming honey and think that not supporting the honey industry is too extreme. What they usually don’t know is what is going on with bees and how awful their lives are as slaves for humans who want to eat honey. In this post, I will teach you about why honey is not vegan and what other alternatives are available for you to sweeten your desserts.

First, let’s start with the simple ethical reason and that is that vegans do not consume honey because it is an animal product and it comes from an animal. It’s like asking if it’s okay to eat eggs if you take care for the chicken – the answer is no, eggs are not yours to take and vegans do not consume animal products or byproducts under any circumstances.

There is absolutely nothing healthy about either eggs or honey so you do not need them for any health reason. If anything, you are letting your body cravings control you and we all know that when we have been feeding our bodies with trash, it will crave trash for a while. Just because your body craves cocaine, it does not mean you should actually do cocaine.

Bees are dying and without them, the whole system collapses, so taking advantage of them and taking away their food is really not nice when they are one of the main reasons why our planet is still having life on her. Even if your friend has bees and he doesn’t steal all of their honey – it is not yours to take, so do not support it.

Queen bees often have their wings cut off and are artificially inseminated (aka they are raped), just like cows on dairy farms. Factory farmers often steal all the honey away from bees and replace it with cheap sugar alternative that is simply not good enough for the bees and their needs.

There are many sweet alternatives for you to use instead of honey: rice syrup, molasses, organic cane sugar, maple syrup and many others Just check at your local store or anywhere where they sell healthy food and vegan alternatives.

We do not need to use animals for food and they owe us absolutely nothing. The fact that if humans died the world would thrive, but if bees died the world would collapse and die, says a lot about the importance of humans to our planet Earth. We might know math and can build buildings but we have nothing to bring to the environment except stop destroying it. Bees matter and they deserve their freedom, therefore there is no such thing as ethical honey. Actually, I wrote an article about ethical veganism so make sure to read it and see what this whole thing is about.

What is your favorite honey alternative that is ethical and bee friendly? Make sure you let me know in the comment section and we can discuss some healthy honey free desserts that we can make for our honey-obsessed friends. Remember to follow me on Twitter.


p.s. – Listen, do you want to go vegan in 24 hours? I wrote a post where I share with you the reality of going vegan in one night and how to do it. Read it here.

ZOO: Vegan or not? Why is it cruel?

As a child I absolutely loved going to the ZOO and observing animals with love in my heart; at one point I remember I even wanted to work there and be surrounded by animals all day long.

I have tons of photos from my childhood that my parents took of me at the ZOO. I remember photos of me and my mum posing in front of a big white tent that had chained elephants in it. I was smiling and feeling happy because I had the chance of seeing those majestic animals with my own eyes.

Until I became a vegan I didn’t really know what was going on, sure I stopped going to the ZOO a few years ago, but veganism opened my eyes and taught me a lot about what is going on behind closed doors of ZOOs and aquariums around the world. I made a mistake of going to the terrarium while being vegetarian and learning about veganism back in 2014, and I haven’t realized what I have done until I came out of this dark place that had big snakes and fish locked in little cages in a dark room with no windows and natural light. Thankfully I didn’t have to pay but could look around for free.

We love to use the excuse of wanting to learn about the animals and that they are safer when they are locked inside the cages at the ZOO. But we are forgetting a few very important points:

  • If animals are in danger or could not be let out in their natural habitat, we can easily have them in a sanctuary where they are not an attraction for profit and their environment is healthier than a silver cage with no space to run around.
  • Making a profit out of a being that is chained, drugged and trained is not ethical and would be immediately stopped if it was done to humans (yes, I am aware that those things are still happening in the world, but we are actually doing something to stop it). Animals are not here to entertain us or to be exploited for people that just want a photo with a tiger or a zebra.
  • We have never actually seen a live dinosaur, but we are studying them and are interested in them to the point that every two years there is a new dinosaur movie out. We do not have to kidnap and cage an animal to learn about her or have her for an entertainment and profit.

Being a vegan means being ethical, and if you want to learn more about ethical veganism I would like to invite you to read one of my previous articles on that topic. Being a vegan is about compassion and doing as little harm to any being as we possibly can. We are not perfect but we do not do something just because we can.

There is no excuse for the things we do to our fellow beings on this planet. Going to the ZOO should be put on your never-to-do list immediately.

By the way, if you are a smoker, you might want to read this post here and re-think your bad habit.

How about you? Are you still supporting cages? Why or why not?

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