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self care

Self care for a vegan warrior (heart + body)

Today I will share with you some ideas that you can include in your self care routine if you are a vegan warrior. Way too often we forget about taking care of ourselves when fighting for a bigger cause, such as animal rights or the environment. We were led to believe that we must sacrifice our health and happiness to bring safety and freedom to someone else. Self care is so very important when we […]

buy meat

It’s okay to buy meat for your animals if you are vegan

Today I will talk about why it is okay for you, as a vegan, to buy meat for your animals. I get really upset when I see some vegans promote a plant based diet for their cats or dogs. Look, I understand that you don’t want to buy meat anymore, but if you have animals in your family – you have to. If you are a vegan and you promote a plant based diet for […]

vegan lifestyle

Vegan lifestyle. What is it and how can you create it?

Today I will talk about what it means to live a vegan lifestyle. I think people don’t really understand what I mean when I talk about living a vegan lifestyle. They think that veganism is only about eating plants and that’s it. Totally not it. Living a vegan lifestyle can seem complicated at first. I repeat – at first; but when you really look at it and give it a chance, you realize that it’s […]

vegan fail

Vegan fail. Why many never succeed at staying vegan?

I talk about why some people fail at being vegan and why that is a big vegan fail for the community. We have all heard of people that were vegan for a while but went back to eating animals. The news loves those people and they make sure to tell us about them whenever they can. Being vegan can be challenging, I am the first person in line to admit this, but it is also […]


What I wish people knew about vegans

Today I will talk about the things I wish people knew about vegans. When people think about vegans, they often get the image of someone pushy and angry. They talk about how vegans are so preachy and how vegans don’t respect their way of living (and eating). Today I will try to explain to you, if you are one of those animal eaters that thinks that way about vegans, why sometimes we are the way […]

vegans sadness

Sadness among vegans and how to deal with it.

Today I will talk about how to deal with sadness as a vegan. Yesterday I saw an article with a couple of photos of animals in slaughterhouses. The photos showed their last moments; the last cries for help. I broke down in a second. My chest was in so much pain that I swear I could’ve had a heart attack right there and then. The amount of pain I feel as a vegan, whenever I […]