Today I will talk about why people hate vegans and what vegans can do to make it better.

people hate vegans

I know you don’t want to admit it but it’s true. Most people think of vegans as annoying pushy creatures because we tend to treat them as criminals. And I totally get it – it’s very hard to see how normal it is for humans to keep animals as slaves, to torture them, abuse them and murder them. I hate it, I really do. But in order to change things, we must first look at ourselves and learn what WE might be doing that keeps others from becoming vegan. I wrote a two part article on How to Turn People Vegan, you might want to check it out – part 1 & part 2.

I know that the majority of you are finding all kinds of excuses on why we (the vegan community) shouldn’t be nice and understanding – I know you are doing it, because I used to do it too. After looking around me and actually seeing non vegans as normal people, I was able to understand that a) people have a hard time changing and b) people don’t want to be a part of a community that sees them as supporters of rape and murder.

Are there people that consciously support oppression of animals? Yes. Are there people that enjoy torturing and killing animals? Yes. Are there people that have been conditioned to believe that something is correct when in reality it is not? Yes. Instead of throwing all people in one basket, let’s focus on what dirt might be in our corner that is not attracting people to join us.

Maybe it’s that a lot of vegan YouTubers bully animal eaters, maybe it’s those people who throw paint on people that wear fur, maybe it’s those people that wear baggy clothes and bathe in their own tears from being so depressed and angry all the time – or maybe it’s how all those people became a synonym for who vegans are in the eyes of animal eaters. We aren’t exactly The Avengers – united.

What can we do today, to make us more like a group of people, that others want to be a part of? We know that people hate vegans but what can we actually change?

  • Stop attacking people for not being vegan and replace attack with educating them about certain topics. Instead of getting angry, try being more understanding of their situation and offer your help and guidance.
  • Start posting helpful videos on social media and get rid of bloody graphic content that no one wants to see. Trust me – people in most cases know what happens to the animals and they don’t need you to constantly remind them that they are awful people for supporting it. A little help on how they can go vegan is more welcome. Check out my Instagram account for example, its not bloody at all, but I still make sure that I promote veganism.
  • Instead of calling out awful vegans for bullying others (it doesn’t help, they will just call you out as someone that doesn’t really care about the animals – I have seen it happen many times), grow your own online presence so that people know you exist and they can always turn to you.

Three simple tips that will hopefully help you a bit, and as you probably know already – my book Happy Vegan, Angry Vegan: How to Deal with Non Vegans and Stay Sane is waiting for you and is eager to be read.

If you are in need of more vegan friends, check out my post Where to Find Vegan Friends.

Whose side are you on? Angry vegans or happy vegans? If you weren’t vegan, where would you go? Who would you choose? Are you aware that people hate vegans? As always, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and enjoy your week!


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