Is PETA harming veganism? How far is too far?

Let’s talk about an organization that kicks ass when it comes to animal rights but is also hated by many. It’s weird I know but let’s talk about it.

They are called PETA. People for the ethical treatment of animals.

PETA has been around since 1980 when two brave humans decided that enough is enough. Other animals need to be liberated now.

Through the years they bravely stood up against evil corporations, big bad men with lawyers, and also your average Joe’s who own small farms.

Everyone who ever exploited any animal has felt the power of PETA at one point or another.

But I don’t want to talk about the good things they’ve done – and there are many -, no, today I want to talk about why I believe they are one of the greatest forces we have in our movement even though many disagree with me.

Is PETA controversial? Sure.

Are they sexist? Maybe.

Do they take it too far? Well, define too far.

The truth is, PETA is here to liberate other animals, not to make you feel safe, comfortable or loved. They mean business and you need to move.

Controversy gets views and when you are talking about an issue that most humans tend to stay away from – like cruelty towards animals you eat and wear and experiment on – there is no time to play it safe and quiet.

PETA knows that; that’s why they use naked women and controversial statements. Because that’s how people listen and out of those hundreds of thousands who make fun of them, one is going to consider going vegan and that’s one person less harming other animals.

Do I think PETA sometimes goes too far? Sure. Throwing paint at people wearing fur is harassment and not helpful.

The point is, PETA has been leading the way since forever and the worst thing they’ve done to people is not even 1% of what pigs, whales and chickens, among others, suffer on a daily basis.

So go on PETA. Fly high and throw truth bombs on the perpetrators because the only way to win this war is to spread the facts. No injustice went away because people were quiet and respectful. Every revolution happened because a group of people stood up and demanded change.

If you want to become an activist yourself and spread the message of justice and compassion, make sure you read these posts:

Take responsibility for your actions and do the right thing.

When you realize what a privilege and luck it is to be born as Homo sapiens you see that you are obliged to speak up on behalf of those who are not heard. Use your voice to spread the facts and statistics about how animal agriculture poisons us, the environment, and what the death industries are doing to our fellow animals.

Choose your form of activism and be the best at it.

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