plant-based diets

Listen, have you heard about this thing called a plant-based diet?

Yeah, it’s like, you only eat plants because they are supposedly good for you and for the environment. 

Yeah, yeah, it’s like super radical, weird and strict.

… Okay, I’ll stop.

Today I want to talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid of plant-based diets and how you too can embrace a new way of eating without losing your mind in the process.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that eating meat is very, very bad for the environment (not to mention, you know, the murdered individuals) and your health. But even though we know these things, we have a hard time accepting that we can eat plants and not die.

Isn’t it hard to get protein and B12? What about calcium and iron? 

The answer is no and no, and you can get calcium and iron from plants, too.

Look, we hear all the time from different so-called gurus that humans ate meat for so long that we practically enlarged our brain through it. Not the case, but okay.

Even if that were true and meat was the reason we are so intelligent – it’s not but let’s pretend -, there were many other things that earlier humans did that made us so… human. Why aren’t we living more like them?

We embraced phones and stopped climbing trees, we learnt that racism is bad and we stopped going on killing sprees because the enemy came close to our tribe, and most importantly, we now know that sacrificing babies won’t make the rain appear and that herbs can’t cure you the way a freaking pill can.

Yes, we ate meat and we domesticated cows and we hunted mammoths, but that’s because we needed the energy and there were times when we just didn’t fill our bellies with plants. We hunted because we were living like other animals, but we aren’t anymore.

We live in houses and use computers and send nudes and paint our toenails. We are far away from our animal-self. If we can do these only-human things then why not change our diets as well, especially when it is scientifically proven that animal products cause all kinds of diseases we die from every day in millions?

If you want to consider trying a plant-based diet and leaving your fellow animals off your plate, please read these three posts that I wrote for people who are as curious as you are:

I hope you consider trying a new diet, not only because it is healthier for you and doesn’t harm the environment or other animals, but because it is time to evolve.

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plant-based diets