Plant positive thoughts and grow them with these few tips.

Plant positive thoughts and grow them

Something that I have been working on in the past few weeks has been to plant many positive thoughts in my mind. I have decided to start being more conscious of my thoughts and what I plant in my brain because sooner or later, the results will show and I want them to be mindful and rich with positivity.

What we plant in our minds has an enormous impact on how our lives will turn out, so the most important thing is to be aware of what seeds we chose.

I have been listening to Sam Harris a lot lately, which says nothing at all because I listen to him very often, but instead of listening to him debate religious fundamentalists, I have focused on his talks about consciousness and meditation. I have also stepped up my meditation game and been practising it twice a day.

If you are familiar with Sam, you know that he very carefully chooses the words he uses and he speaks with clarity. That makes him trustworthy and it shows how much decades of meditation helped him train his mind so that he is not all over the place but really clear and mindful of what he talks about. I admire that a lot about him.

I have the unfortunate luck of having little patience to think when under stress or when feeling emotional, so I often say things that are a) not true, b) not what I wanted to say, or c) not related to what the question was about. It creates a feeling of not being able to trust me, or it simply drives people away.

And the only thing to blame for that is that I have a mind filled with many thoughts. Now, I will not go into the whole you-are-not-the-thinker-of-your-thoughts thing, but I will say that having some choice over what I think, I am responsible for having a foggy mind.

That’s why we must choose between planting the negative seeds and positive seeds.

When we plan the negative seeds, we will lack clarity, patience and stability. We will doubt, lie, guilt trip, blame, upset, anger and point fingers. But when we plant positive seeds, we will be able to focus on change, growth and the results. We will be better communicators, better leaders, better partners, and most importantly, better versions of ourselves.

Whenever I find myself saying contradictory things, I know that I have lost the track of how many negative thoughts I have planted in my mind. I know that I have forgotten to close the door, or have unconsciously fed myself too much negativity.

So, what causes us to plant negative thoughts in our mind? Well, there are three things.

They are all related, sure, and they might as well have the same source, but let’s look at how each of them causes us to plant negative seeds.

  • Fear keeps us in the corner, afraid of change or afraid of facing the opposite of our beliefs. If we believe we are unworthy, we will be afraid of someone who tells us otherwise, so we plant seeds that sound like: everyone lies and if I face them, they will turn against me and I am not strong enough to let that happen.
  • Anger makes our blood boil and forces us to forget about our values. Yes, anger can be a good cause for change, but it also blinds us. If we are angry at our mother for not treating us well when we were children, we will plant seeds that sound like: She should have known better and I can never trust her again. If I would give her another chance, she might betray me.
  • Sadness takes away our strength and keeps us from making progress. If we are sad due to all the horrible things that are happening in the world, we might never see the changes that are occurring at this exact moment, so we will plant seeds that sound like: This world is a horrible place and I could never be happy because of all the misery.

Fear, anger and sadness, plant the most negative seeds in our mind and keep us from experiencing this life in its fullness. They keep us from moving forward and creating positive change in the world.

How can we plant more positive seeds in our mind then?

  • Creating pros and cons lists. I find them helpful when making decisions, so instead of going straight to feeling powerless and planting the seeds of not being able to do something, I look at the pros and the cons and then either go with it or throw it out. No more keeping it in, either you go with it or you don’t.
  • Get rid of the sources that trigger you. We all have things that trigger our sadness, anger, fears, and seizures in my case, so getting rid of the sources that cause that, you are freeing yourself from having to deal with them in the first place. The fewer triggers you have, the more time you have to focus on the triggers that cause you to feel more joyful, excited and motivated.
  • Start a meditation routine that will help you detach yourself from the thoughts that are popping out in your mind. There are so many wonderful meditation teachers on the internet that you can easily find someone you love. If you are a beginner, experiment with what you like and find what type of meditation makes you feel most relaxed and in tune. What works for me is listening to guided meditations with nature sounds or Zen music in the background, but you might not need that at all.

I would absolutely love to hear from you about what seeds you are planting in your mind, and how do you find the strength to remove the negative seeds or outnumber them. Let me know in the comment!

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