poor people climate change

Everything I do as an activist is with the intention of inspiring people to take responsibility for the state of the world.

I know capitalism is not perfect and that many people are fucking up the world just for money and power, but I truly believe that it’s on an average human to stop the madness. It’s on you and me to change the world for the better.

I don’t say this because I want to be positive, motivating or because I believe we are superhumans. I say this because I know for a fact that throughout history it was the people who changed governments, not the government who changed its people.

The big boys can control us for only so much time, but there comes a day when people stand up and riot. Just look at Hong Kong and Catalonia last year. People demand freedom, in every form they can get it in.

So when I call you out for not walking the walk, I do it because if we change our habits and how we spend our money, we can not only defeat the dirty government and corporations that abuse its power, but we can help the poor.

My content is not written for the poor. It’s not written to ask a mother of 7 who lives in a slum and begs for food to go vegan; it’s not written to ask a father who works 3 jobs to feed his kids to drive an electric car. 

I write for people who are maybe not super privileged but can afford a computer, food and a roof over their head. No matter if you only get the internet at your local library and you live in a shitty apartment. If you have that you are actually more privileged than the majority of humans who live on this planet.

I write for the privileged. I write for those who can actually afford to spend 30 minutes on Instagram and for those who can go out and protest. If you have time to do that, you have time and resources to eat more plants and use less plastic.

If you are so busy and overworked that you don’t even know what Instagram is, then no, I don’t expect you to do anything but try to survive.

Poor people shouldn’t care about climate change because it’s us, the privileged few, who are fucking up their lives with what we do on a daily basis.

We buy new phones every year while they commit suicides and jump off buildings for not being paid enough to feed their family.

We support fast fashion while they die from inhaling dangerous chemicals and suffer in sweatshops.

We use crops grown on their land to feed trillions of non-human animals that we then slaughter just to eat their bodies, while poor people starve because we don’t use those crops to feed them.

When climate change hits the ceiling, it will be the poor who will feel the effects the most. They will have to suffer because we, the privileged Westerners, are not giving a shit about Mother Earth.

We can be concerned with mass immigrations now – and you know I am very conservative when it comes to this topic – but there will come a day when we will have to realize that this is not just a political problem anymore, it’s the end of the world as we know.

Once there are countries that are inhabitable – whole countries that are burning – there won’t be any time or solutions what to do with people seeking help, it will be the end. The end of the world as we know it. If you are concerned about overpopulation now, imagine what will happen when those immigrants won’t be able to return back anymore.

They won’t have a home! And unless women from their countries get basic human rights and become empowered individuals, we will have to handle them popping out babies one after another.

This is a fact. They are seen as baby-making machines who have no rights to abortion and contraception – it is not something that is welcomed in their culture because their imaginary god hates women. Would this change if they lived in Europe? I don’t know and that’s not my problem to discuss.

All I want to say is that poor people owe us nothing. We have to solve this mess, not because it’s only the Western countries who have a hand in creating it, but because we have the most power.

What will you do? How will you help the poor? What changes are you willing to make? I wrote this post here that gives you some ideas that you can implement in your life.

And before you get upset that I am generalizing and painting countries that are not in the West as poor, please stop whining and look at the statistics. Yes, we have poor people too but nothing compared to countries in Africa.

I will talk to you soon and until then you can find me on Instagram,


p.s. – When I say Western countries I mean Europe, North America and some of South America. People are still struggling with truly defining what falls under the definition of what a Western country is so I took some liberty with it. I hope it made sense while reading this post, if not please feel free to correct whatever I said by leaving a comment.

poor people climate change