posting on social media

I’ve heard many people say that online activism doesn’t really count.

I understand where they are coming from. I do. I know that in the past people went on the street to demand justice and equality, and now it seems like we think we can change the world by simply posting a few tweets every day.


One, it’s not that we can change the world by using the internet as a tool; it’s that we are changing the world through how we use this invention. Just look at YouTubers who inspire their followers to plant trees – it’s fucking amazing.

Two, it is not just a few tweets that we do when we talk about online activism.

And three, we absolutely need to be very clear and focused when we take activism online, because yes, some people are using activism for spreading bad ideas, and yes, there are individuals who think posting a selfie with a hashtag #govegan is activism.

It’s not.

As someone who is an animal rights activist on the internet, I do more than just what an average person spends doing on social media and different websites. I take this shit very seriously and I am dedicated to showing people like you how to do it as well.

I post multiple blog posts a week, I am active daily on three social media platforms (Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter), I send helpful and inspiring emails to my beautiful community that you can join here (+ get a little gift), I make videos every now and then, and most importantly, I put heart and knowledge in everything I create and publish.

I chose this form of vegan advocacy because I have social anxiety and being surrounded by people is making my life even harder than it already is. I knew I wanted to help and stand up for justice, but I also knew I wanted to be active – and I can only be active on a daily basis if I feel good about what I do.

I spend hours and hours creating graphics for my Instagram feed, which you can see here, on Canva, writing blog posts, creating resources and marketing my content with the help of Buffer and Hootsuite. I believe in my work and I know I am bringing something to the table that wasn’t there before.

You too can become an online activist by posting things online – I wrote how to do it here – but you need to do it because it really is something that will make you better at speaking up about the injustices.

Billions of people are using the internet as I write this, so don’t let anyone tell you that you can only positively impact the word by holding a sign and screaming at the president.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.


posting on social media