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Abortion was never a topic I dreamt of writing about on my blog, or on any other platform. It’s just not, you know, something I thought much about. I wrote about it in this post here, but much has changed since then and I have a stronger opinion on it.

Ever since I started moving towards the centre politically, I can’t help but find myself be more and more pro-life. Not to the point that I would be anti-abortion, but just enough to realize the issue is more than just for or against.

On one side I am getting annoyed by religious maniacs who believe ten 4-week old fetuses have more value together than a grown-up woman, and on the other side we have feminists who are very into shouting about their abortions and killing fetuses because they are boys.

It’s all very… immoral.

I mean, yeah, I do believe a fetus is a baby and is killed during an abortion, so I understand why you would be upset – I am too. But I also believe that no one should have the power to force a woman to grow a child in her body and risk dying – it’s a small chance but still.

How is it moral to force a woman to carry a child and then be unlucky and die with a baby in her belly? Is risking losing two lives more moral than ending one when it possibly can’t feel the pain? Not that not feeling pain makes it less immoral but it’s something we should consider.

And then we have sweet feminists, the biggest victims in the universe, who go as far as having an abortion because they refuse to give birth to, gasp, a baby boy. Women who are so awful that they believe we should shout our abortions and have as many of them as we like. After all, my body my choice, right?

Well, yes, what I do with my body is my choice but then again, there is a victim here, too. And it’s not me. Especially when we talk about the so-called abortion after the baby is out of a woman’s body but for some reason, she just now decided to have an abortion.

But still, should that be enough of a reason to be pro-life?

What if abortion is about choosing the lesser evil? Looking at each individual case and deciding that one choice is less evil than the other. You know, perhaps aborting twins when you are 6 months pregnant is worse than aborting a fetus when it is 6 weeks old.

Even after seeing how good the arguments from both sides can be, I still can’t decide on which side I fall on. Sure, I am pro-choice but I am against multiple abortions due to being promiscuous. I am pro-choice but not after 2 months unless something horrible is happening to the mother. And even then I feel uncomfortable calling for the death of an innocent child… BUT I want to know that I can have a choice to not keep a child.

What if she was raped? What if she is 12? What if she uses 2 types of protection and they fail her? Should she pay for being unlucky? And if she is sleeping around and relies on abortion as protection, why should we force such careless woman to give birth to a child that will suffer? Will she change or will she kill him and leave him in the trash?

Should we give birth and then give the baby for adoption? But there are already too many children without parents and many of them become criminals and prostitutes. Many of them kill themselves and end up in foster homes where they are abused and assaulted.

Is this better than not being born? How would you know if you would rather suffer than never be born? Do you remember your times in the stomach of your mother? How many memories do you have from those times? Zero? Oh, that changes things doesn’t it?

You don’t even know how it felt to be born or blow candles on your 3rd birthday. Truth is, you don’t know you would rather be alive because you don’t remember how it feels to be dead. A fetus doesn’t think or dream or has goals, so it wouldn’t know that it would rather be alive – ALL IT KNOWS IS THAT FUCKING WOMB THAT HE LIVES IN.

The point is, both sides have great (and bad) arguments and both sides are extremely, extremely selfish.

My advice for people who are pro-life would be this: Stop telling teenagers they will go to hell if they don’t wait until marriage to have sex, start talking about sex and teach kids about how to do it safely, and for the love of your imaginary god get contraception to poor people.

My advice for people who are pro-choice: Look at videos and photos of aborted babies and see their little fingernails and hair and bellies and lungs and feet, and then come back so I can see if you are just uneducated on what actually happened during an abortion and how that tiny fetus looks like, or you are just a psychopath.

I wish life was so easy that we could look at a problem and decide it’s wrong or right, but that’s not how it works. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils and accept that whatever we decide, someone will suffer.

So those were my two cents on the topic of abortion. If you have anything to add please leave me a comment below. I would love to hear what you think.

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pro-choice pro-life