Before I start, I want to share with you why I didn’t use the words pet or owner in the title. Basically, because I do not see myself as the owner of anyone and having animals at home is a certain type of slavery.

More about that in the future, as today I am not going to talk about my views on having non-human animals at home; instead, I will share with you some quick tips for new cat parents.

About four years ago my sister brought home a cat that was not wanted anymore, so as always we took her home and took care of her.

We had just lost two cats prior – Niki had jaundice and died, and Messi ran away after my sister took him with her when she moved to her boyfriend’s house – so normally we were happy to rescue another kitty. About a year after we got Lia, my sister called again and said that she has another cat (on the countryside people don’t really spay and neuter cats, so they have babies all the time sadly) that needs a home and she is going to bring her soon.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – Tanja, you can’t just take cats without taking them to the vet first or introducing them to the cat you already have. I knew that. Yet I didn’t listen.

We took Ariel home and after a few weeks, the cats were already sleeping together and cuddling (to keep up with them, follow me on Instagram).

With that being said, I am fully aware that I should have been more careful as cats require a lot of attention and care.

Here are a few quick tips that I really believe you should know before you adopt a cat, but they are also good for those of you who already have them.

  • If you already have a cat at home and you are planning on bringing home another one, please do it slowly and don’t be as stupid as I was. Niki got sick after Messi came and he lost tons of weight; I don’t know if jaundice was caused by another cat at home, but I hope not. Please, introduce the cats slowly and understand that they are not happy when someone comes and expects to share the home with them.
  • If they don’t like to cuddle – don’t cuddle them. Ariel is very attached to us and wants to be in our presence, while Lia only comes to cuddle when she is sleepy. All cats are different; they have their own individual personalities and do not expect them to be the same.
  • You must have two cat toilets. If one is closed, you must have one that is open. I find that Ariel is okay with both open and closed toiled, but Lia recently started only peeing in the open one.
  • When they are younger, be careful with who they grow up with. Lia grew up with our guinea pig Lejla – they slept together and ate together; now Lia eats hay and throws up afterwards. Clearly, she didn’t get the memo that she is a cat, so remember that just like a human, what you teach a kitten to do while she is young, she will do when she is older. They may be more stubborn than dogs, but they can learn the basic rules if you take your time and you are patient with them.
  • Don’t let them outside. I don’t care if you live on a mountain, don’t let the cats outside. It’s dangerous for them, other animals outside and you will be worried about where she is wandering around. Use the internet to educate yourself why it’s best to keep them inside and then do it.

Was that good? I hope I managed to help you out with some of the quick tips that I shared and that you have learned something new, especially if you are a new cat parent. If everything is old news for you – great, you are already ready for a cat!

Anyway, before you all go and become cat parents – what breed of a cat are you planning on adopting? What are you most excited about? Do you already know how you will name her/him?

If you are in the process of adopting a dog, make sure you check out my post on some questions you must ask yourself before you actually bring a furry friend home with you. Also, the post might help a few cat parents as well.


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p.s.s. – As of October 2017, we have three cats – Daisy is the new addition to our family.