stop exploiting animals

As I write this, I am stuck at home because I don’t want to get the Coronavirus.

I figured that this situation we are in right now has taught us that eating other animals is not the best idea.

To help those who want to go plant-based and are ready to stop exploiting animals, I want to share some of my best advice with you. 

I spent the last 6 years guiding people towards creating a sustainable vegan lifestyle and I am so ready to do the same thing for you. 

I know you don’t want to wake up 10 years from now only to find out that we haven’t learnt anything and an even bigger and more dangerous virus in coming to your country.

I know going plant-based won’t solve all problems, but if viruses in the past erupted because we ate chimps, chickens and bats, maybe we should stop eating them. Is it crazy to think that?

Here is how to start eating plants every day and stop exploiting animals:

  • Set goals.

Decide on the timeline of your transition to being plant-based and follow it. Start by cutting out one type of animal products the first week and follow with other foods. You can also create goals for the nutrition books you want to read and people you want to reach out to who could mentor you.

  • Get clear on possible obstacles.

Are your family and friends not supportive? Are there no vegan meals in your go-to restaurant? Do you hate vegetables? Do you not have time to cook? Think about what could be keeping you from going vegan and making changes with ease and calm. Once you are clear on them, write down on a piece of paper possible solutions. Maybe you need to set boundaries with people around you, find easy to prepare recipes, or learn how to eat plant-based on a budget. All the information you require is out there, you just need to be motivated to find it and apply it to your life. Not one vegan had it easy, we all had to learn how to jump through the obstacles and achieve our goals.

  • Aim to learn every day.

Even after all this time, I am still actively learning about veganism and animal rights. That’s because I know that I can only live a sustainable vegan lifestyle if I know what is happening and why I chose to change in the first place. I share my favorite books in this post here, and here I talk about my favorite vegan podcast.

  • Reduce and replace.

If all these changes sound scary and you just aren’t ready to go all in right away, start reducing and replacing. Basically, start reducing the number of animal products you are eating and find replacements for your favorite meals. Here is a post I wrote for people who want to start small and sloooowly move towards living vegan. 

Listen, I know you’ve been hearing about veganism for a while now. I also know it’s hard to change old habits.

But you know what else I know? I know that you are tired of feeling vulnerable, afraid and powerless. And that’s exactly how we feel when things like this happen that affect every person on this planet – we are all living on the same one after all.

Animal agriculture is responsible for the majority of water pollution, antibiotic resistance and methane emissions. It has its fingers in world hunger and domestic violence as well. 

The grains we feed to billions of animals we slaughter could feed everyone on this planet. Some psychologists also see the correlation between working in a slaughterhouse and being violent at home towards family members. 

People who kill other animals also suffer from PTSD, have high rates of work-related injuries and a lot of them are immigrants who just want to make money and find a job in a new country.

Veganism may be all about not exploiting other animals, but the issue is much bigger than that. That’s why the more you know about what goes into bringing that steak on your table, the more reasons you have to start being more ethical when it comes to what you consume.

I hope you choose to go vegan and I hope you know how important this decision is not only for your future but for the future of everyone on this planet.

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stop exploiting animals