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Lately, I noticed that social media environmentalists only talk about radical changes that will in their opinion save the planet from dying.

By radical changes I mean close down all companies, force hard-working billionaires to give up all their money and everyone must go zero-waste like last week.

I happen to think this is bullshit, which you already know if you read this post or this one here as well, and I want to talk about why I think you should be a realistic climate activist to actually change anything.

What do I mean by a realistic climate activist? And before I continue, I do need to add I will not be talking about capitalism because I am really bored of pissing out socialists by now. I am actually very close to slashing my wrists because I am so angry at radical socialist cunts that are destroying our society (but that’s another story).

By being a realistic climate activist I mean that it is quite impossible for everyone to live a zero-waste lifestyle, therefore, we should be focused on telling people to start living a more minimalistic lifestyle where they slowly move towards supporting ethical brands.

This is not to say that this is the same approach to take with animal rights activism. People can easily live without consuming their fellow animals, but they have a hard time living without 95% of their items. Very different issues, people, and different problems require different solutions.

I happen to be a very realistic and logical person. I don’t live in the clouds where I pretend people care about the planet but they cannot afford to change their lifestyle. No. A minority cares about climate changes while the majority only protests because they are angry at how unfair capitalism is (and it should be, as this is basically what evolution looks like).

The logical approach to climate activism would be to encourage people to shift from mindless consumerism towards mindful minimalism; to go from buying brands to buying products and items they actually need; and to go from being focused on quantity to being focused on quality.

This is actually realistic and more logical than asking the whole of humanity to throw stones at Bezos, boycott H&M and stop going to school unless Trump becomes enlightened about the realities of climate change.

Stop trying to make unrealistic living standards happen, it’s not going to happen.

People want to buy and spend, and if you truly care about our Earth as you claim you do, you will know that you won’t reach any solution by asking for perfection when we can hardly reach progress.

Progress over perfection, always. Actually, perfection doesn’t even exist so we are only left with progress, which you are stopping by being a dumb social justice warrior who is not familiar with basic human psychology and what makes people want to change the way they live.

They will never selflessly give up their precious shopping habits because climate change exists. But they might consider being more mindful of where they shop if you show them they can still have closets full of clothes if only they change stores.

I know Earth needs us, but it is better for a lot of people to make small changes than for a few people to do big changes. As much as people like to post quotes about how small groups of people changed things in the past, don’t be fooled that it will be that way when it comes to climate change. They would have to give up most things they like to prevent disasters that they probably won’t experience.

They won’t do that, look around and see for yourself.

That’s all from me for now.

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climate activist