As someone who only started to dive into the depths of living an eco-friendly lifestyle less than a year ago, I can say that starting to use reusable bags was one of those transforming moments people often talk about.

It helped me feel like I am actually walking the walk. It’s one thing to think about reducing plastic and it’s a completely different thing to actually do something to make that a reality.

Many of you have no idea where to start when it comes to reducing the amount of plastic you throw away in your daily lives, so I want to encourage you to start with reusable bags because they are the easiest ones.

We all shop for food regularly and most of us are used to using plastic bags for our groceries. We rarely even think about what will happen to them once we don’t have the need to use them anymore.

It’s a nice thought to have that we are different because we use one plastic bag for more than one visit to the groceries store, but what happens to the bag when it’s of no use anymore? When it rips?

Having a reusable bag gives you the freedom to shop without feeling guilty.

Slovenia has banned single-use plastic bags in stores and now we have reusable bags everywhere! I became quite obsessed with buying them, and if I forget one of my pretty ones at home I just buy a new one – and I don’t feel guilty because I can use them for everything!

Reusable bags:
  • Are Earth-friendly.
  • Are animal-friendly.
  • Are fashion-friendly.
  • Can be used for more than just groceries.

I use them when I carry food for our dog, when I have 10 books that I need to take to the library or when I am not sure whether or not I should carry a jacket so I just put it in the bag. They are also pretty and look nice.

Unlike plastic bags that make you look – I won’t apologize for saying it – homeless and poor.

They are also affordable; you can get them for as little as 0, 50€ in some places. For my collection, I probably used around 10€. The fact that you can use one bag for years and years after investing as little as 1€ for it, it is an investment even Warren Buffet would make.

You can pick different prints, colors, and sizes. Some are more durable and can carry quite a lot of items, others are better for carrying just a few things at once. All of them are good for the planet and other animals.

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