Riding horses is really wrong. Here is why.

This is a somewhat controversial topic among people in the vegan community but I couldn’t care less because if you ride horses you are not vegan in my book.

I understand that some people see horses as those big givers, who every day wait for a human to jump on their back and ride them. They are so fucking eager to be whipped and ridden.

No one wants that.

This is written about riding horses, not about your kinks, which are totally okay as long as horses are not used. Just use vegan-friendly whips okay.

Horses are not our slaves.

They are not born to be here for us.

We do not have the right to even consider using them as props and slaves.

People ride horses for their enjoyment.

People ride horses to entertain themselves.

They don’t care about the animal.

Would you ride a gorilla?

Would you?

Jump on a gorilla, hold on to it and let’s go for a ride.

No, it’s fucking ridiculous.

We do not need to ride ANY animal. We do not need to use ANY animal to transport anything for us.

Do you need help? Get a robot or, you know, use your hands.

I won’t even cover how horse riding affects the body of a horse (you can watch a video below for that), but the simple fact is, that animals are not here to serve us.

Maybe there is a horse that loves to be ridden but you wouldn’t know that, would ya? You may think that you know your horse so well but you really don’t. Because if you think that he loves to be used for your ass to be ridden around, you do not know any animal at all.

I’m going to end on that note. Riding horses is not ethical and in our modern age, we really don’t need to use animals for moving around.

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