Today I will share with you some ideas that you can include in your self care routine if you are a vegan warrior.

self care

Way too often we forget about taking care of ourselves when fighting for a bigger cause, such as animal rights or the environment. We were led to believe that we must sacrifice our health and happiness to bring safety and freedom to someone else. Self care is so very important when we are fighting for animal rights; whether we are standing on the streets or writing about it behind our computers. All activism matters and all of you matter as well.

If right now you are sick and tired of the whole world due to being exhausted because you are only giving and not receiving – I need you to read this post very carefully and then take action.

We cannot afford to get sick – neither in our heart nor in our body – we must stay happy and healthy for the sake of the planet. We simply cannot fight for the freedom of other beings if we are not free from disease and heartbreak. If we are sick and tired, we are absolutely not helping pigs on their way to slaughterhouses, we are not helping calves that are taken away from their mothers, and we are certainly not helping our planet Earth. We are giving up on ourselves. If we aren’t able to keep ourselves in good hands, how can we expect to save anyone else?

My number one value in life is freedom. It has always been. I choose freedom over anything and anybody. As a vegan animal rights activist, I want to be free from feeling hopeless and helpless. I am doing everything that I can do for the animals at this exact moment. Could I do more? Absolutely; but right now I am only able to do this. I accept that. I am first taking care of myself so that one day I can be fully available to be of service to the world.

If you think that crying on camera, begging people to go vegan and having big black circles under your eyes is a form of self care, then I truly believe you need to step back and look at the big picture. Yes, it’s hard to know the truth and observe the world pretend nothing wrong is happening, but you cannot help the animals if you can barely help yourself. How can you expect to stay in the arena, fighting and protesting, if you are sick and tired? Can you imagine if you get a serious disease due to stress, when all you preach about is how a plant based diet can save your health? Yes, it can, but stress can be much more dangerous than a glass of milk.

  • Start moving your body and get active. Let all the negative feelings out by dancing or doing yoga. Start running or hiking, just do something. Move your body, show it that you care. I started doing yoga, like seriously doing it, about two or three months ago and it has changed my life. I never knew I could feel that good in my body; not only am I getting fitter but I am feeling more connected to my body. One of my favorite YouTube yoga channels is The Journey Junkie.
  • Cut back on oils and sugar. Sugar is not giving you any nutrients (when I say sugar, I do NOT mean fruit – fruit is GREAT for you) and oil is just liquid fat – and fat is bad for obvious reasons (eat the nuts if you must but stop consuming oil in all super processed forms). I can tell you from my personal experience that when I limited my sugar intake, I started to feel much, much better in my body + I was healthier.
  • Spend more time in nature and observe the trees. Talk to the trees if you can. They won’t respond but you will feel the energy. Nature was our first home – it gave us life.
  • Start reading books that will teach you new things. One of the best things in life are books; I don’t know of a better pleasure then when I get new books (it’s seriously the best feeling ever). Start reading and learning about things that interest you. If you need ideas on what to read – here are 12 books that I recommend.
  • Get new friends. Seriously, having one good friend that you can talk to about life in general is one of the greatest things you can do for your health. If you need more vegan friends – here is another post that I wrote that can help you in that area. Get support from people that live with compassion.
  • Become interested in art. Art has many forms – from paintings and sculptures, to movies and music. I personally adore acting and watching ballet but I would absolutely love to one day learn how to paint. Art gives you a chance to express yourself and it can take you to heights that you never knew you can reach. I just hear Tchaikovsky and I am flying over the moon; not to mention seeing Swan Lake live. Or watching a great movie that makes me feel things I have never felt before.
  • Watch stand up comedy! I love, love, love Jack Whitehall and Michael McIntyre. Seriously, just take half an hour and watch some YouTube videos. Here – two videos that always make me laugh out loud: click here for Michael & click here for Jack (the bipolar bit always gets me).

Those are just a few self care ideas that you can include in your life to start feeling better. Having a beautiful self care routine every day is the least we can do for our bodies, minds and hearts. I promise you that when you start taking care of yourself, you will be able to take care of many, many more animals. You will be filled with love and energy and your creativity will be pouring out of your pores. You will be a walking change. Everyone that will see you will want to know your secret – and that’s when you can teach them about the beauty that is veganism.

Don’t take your health (mental or physical) for granted and don’t wait until you fall down to start taking care of yourself. Create a beautiful self care routine now.

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