shopping second-hand

Last year I wrote a post about second-hand shopping and the benefits of doing it, but today, after getting used to doing it myself, I have 2 tips that will make the experience even better.

I don’t buy much because I am a minimalist and my fashion icons are Sydney Fox and Sam Winchester, no joke here, but when I do it I know I need two things if I want to avoid losing my mind: I need time and I need focus (lots of it).

I hate when I know I need new pants and New Yorker always makes sure I go out happy with a new pair, but I don’t want to support sweatshops. I then decide to go to a thrift store and try my very best to find some pants that fit there.

It rarely happens that I love my clothes as much as the new ones, but in my heart, I feel better.

So if you are like me, you shop second-hand because you want to feel better in your heart but you are never excited to do it, here are two things that help me make the best out of it.

One, I take my time and avoid rushing. The worst thing you can do is not look at every single peace you lay your eyes on because with every piece of clothing being different, you will surely miss something you would actually love to buy.

Take your time and know that if you manage to get everything you need today, you won’t have to come back again and feel sad that things are not new – don’t judge me okay.

Two, know exactly what you are looking for and don’t walk out until you are holding it in your hands. Of course, sometimes you won’t find tight black pants, but if you look really, really hard and are focused on finding them, you most likely will.

Just a few weeks ago I was in desperate need of a piece of trousers but couldn’t find a pair I liked after 10 minutes of searching. I managed to remind myself that I need them and that I simply cannot return back home without a pair.

I found pants that I liked, and they made my legs look really good, and even though they weren’t black and something I would usually buy, I knew it was better to be 70% in love with them and feel good about my ethical choices than to buy new ones that I am obsessed with but feel guilty because I know someone probably killed themselves after finishing them.

Taking my time and finding everything I need every 6 months and knowing what I want to buy makes the whole experience better. Now, if you love to buy at thrift stores you obviously don’t need these tips but some of us just don’t like it but are doing it because it’s the right thing to do.

Look, if you absolutely cannot find something just go and buy it at H&M, but please, give it a try and buy ethically at least 70% of the time. It’s good for the environment and for everyone involved in making the clothes.

Progress over perfection. I still sometimes shop at New Yorker but not before I check my favorite second-hand stores first.

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shopping second-hand