I find it incredible how many people don’t seem to understand the way this world works.

You see, I’ve heard from hundreds and hundreds of people that they absolutely hate slaughterhouses and what happens in them, but I also heard them say that them buying meat doesn’t mean they support these horrible places.

*logic not found*

Let me explain…

When you go to the store to buy a steak or veal or lamb or bacon, you increase the demand for these foods. Buying something means the company responsible for putting those products on the shelf at your store gets your money and invests it creating even more of these products.

You, a consumer of these foods, just created a demand for whatever you bought.

So no matter how much you say you hate the meat industry, as long as you buy meat, there will be more meat produced – therefore, more of your fellow animals slaughtered for their bodies to be cut in pieces, injected with antibiotics and coloring, and sold for a few Euros.

The only way to stop slaughterhouses is not to switch to pasture-raised meats. This is not possible as they would need space and with our growing population, we would need like 10 Earths if we would want everyone to get meat from a cow that was free to roam the fields.

Nope, the only way to stop slaughterhouses is to stop buying meat and dairy and eggs.

You may think that dairy doesn’t kill, but oh it so does.

Dairy cows need to have babies to create milk and these babies are taken away from their mother a few hours after they’ve been born. Girls are then put in crates where they will be raised to become slaves themselves – like their mother – and boys will be sold for veal or leather.

Of course, when chickens stop producing eggs they are killed with their other chicken friends who were put in tiny little cages where they await their death. Oh and boy chicks are killed immediately because they cannot produce eggs, so there you go.

How do you stop eating these products, though?

  • You take your time and slowly change your habits– read more here.
  • You start educating yourself – read more here.

I know you have a big heart and a lot of compassion that you want to share with the world, but you were not taught these things when you were growing up. That’s understandable.

But now you’re a big boy or girl and you do have the chance to learn the truth.

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