Smoking kills animals. Will you stop now?

I bet you didn’t know that cigarettes are tested on innocent animals, huh? Why would you, it’s not like cigarettes say that they kill if you smoke them (spoiler – they do).

Smoking is one of the most disgusting habits anyone could have, and trust me, I would know. I have lived with smokers all my life and I even tried smoking myself. It did not last, it was horrible, I hated it.

Well, it lasted for a year and I hated it the whole time. I wanted to be cool ya know, even though I knew I wouldn’t be cool.

We know that smoking will kill you, the whole world knows this by now, and you do too. So why do you still do it?

Are you really that weak to let your ugly habits determine your future? Do you care so little about yourself that you cannot have mercy on your body to let it be healthy? Have compassion for your lungs for nature’s sake. They are the victims of your mind; you are controlled by your mind and your mind is an asshole because it doesn’t care whether or not you die. Your mind just wants you to obey and do as you’re told.

Maybe you won’t stop for your body, your lungs, or your health in general. Maybe you won’t stop just to piss off your mind. Maybe, just maybe, you will consider ditching that horrible habit if you know how animals suffer.

What have they done to deserve being chained in laboratories, having to be puppets for humans who create little sticks of death? What have other animals done to deserve to die for YOUR habits?

On PETA’s website, I have found the following facts that might interest you:

  • Animals are forced to breathe cigarette smoke for up to six hours straight, every day, for as long as three years.
  • In the past, dogs and monkeys have had tubes attached to holes in their necks or have had masks strapped to their faces to force smoke into their lungs. In other commonly conducted tests, mice and rats have cigarette tar applied directly to their bare skin to induce the growth of skin tumors.
  • In a study to test the effects of adding ingredients such as honey, sugar, molasses, plum juice, lime oil, chocolate, cocoa, and coffee extract to cigarettes, experimenters with Philip Morris stuffed thousands of rats into tiny canisters that pumped tobacco smoke directly into their noses six hours a day for 90 consecutive days. The rats were then killed and dissected to examine the harm caused to their bodies.
  • Philip Morris experimenters subjected 1,000 rats to two years of breathing either diesel engine exhaust or secondhand cigarette smoke for six hours a day, seven days a week, just to compare the effects of the exposure on their lungs.
  • To test the effects of using high-fructose corn syrup to flavor cigarettes, experimenters at R.J. Reynolds spread cigarette tar on the skin of more than 1,000 mice and rats and then forced them to breathe cigarette smoke. Many of the mice who had tar spread on their skin died during the study. Other mice had their skin peel off, and they developed skin tumors. All the surviving animals were killed and dissected.
  • Most cigarette brands contain castoreum which is a chemical created from a beavers anal gland. (Fact found on this website).

You can read more about it on their website – which is here.

Okay, so we established that you probably don’t give a shit about your health; but do rats, dogs, monkeys, and mice have to suffer for you to die earlier? I get it, you have a fetish for dying young, it gets you going, I don’t judge. But at least don’t kill others on your journey to your own death.

If you have read this whole thing without closing the tab and saying piss of Tanja – good for you. Maybe you have learned something and maybe the information that you received will have an impact on your future decisions.

Smoking kills animals and if you care about them, you will stop.

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