starting a blog

Blogging isn’t what it used to be, and I say this as someone who only started it a few years ago.

It’s not about writing anymore and having the title of a blogger; it’s so much bigger now. You need to be everywhere and do everything and know what everyone expects from you but also do it before they tell you to do it.

It can get pretty exhausting, especially if you’re starting a blog in 2019, when people already look at blogging as something from the past.

That’s why I want to share with you 4 things you need to know if you are starting a blog today, in 2019, but you feel lost and unsure of what to take care of first.

I know it can be a scary world out there, but you need to toughen up and follow these 4 rules – that I didn’t just come up with. I observed what’s happening and wrote them down for you.

Here they are:

  • Focus on social media and growing your audience there. Your monthly views depend on how many followers you have on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. People don’t just stumble upon your website, no matter how good your SEO is, so put a lot of work into growing your social media presence and creating meaningful relationships with people who like your work.
  • Understand that you are expected to use diversity in your marketing and branding. People come in all colors so choosing an image with a POC now and then is something you should follow. Don’t overdo it, though, and become that person that never uses any images of white people because we know you are trying too hard; but do think global. It’s easy to forget that not everyone looks like you and they too want to be represented in the media. To be honest, I love when I see Slavs in movies because that’s my ethnicity, you know, we come from the same group. I know you probably don’t understand it but I can spot a Slav from a kilometre away while to you we are all alike. Basically, make sure to include people of all ethnicities and races.
  • Stand up for what you believe in and don’t fucking back down. You will hardly be able to find a blogger that hasn’t spoken up about LGBT issues, #metoo and how much they hate a certain public person. I happen to speak up about free speech and the need to have conversations with people of all political backgrounds, and I think that makes me stand out a bit more when compared to other bloggers who write similar things that I do.
  • People don’t read anymore because they prefer to watch. I don’t mean that you have to make videos on YouTube and become a star of a show, but do make sure you are posting lots of photos and videos on social media pages. People want to see your life behind the scenes, they want to see through your eyes and camera lens, they want to see the world the way you see it. It makes them understand you more and who doesn’t want to know that the person writing those awesome blog posts is an actual human being? People tend to forget that you are not a faceless robot, but a living being.

See? It’s not as scary as it sounded, right?

It’s all about going with the times and learning what works for people today.

Blogging is not dead, it has just evolved and you are expected to evolve with it – unless you want to create a blog that is destined to fail in a matter of days. If you need more tips, here is a whole category of blogging advice.

I don’t want that to happen to you, because I know you have much to offer. Starting a blog in 2019 that thrives may be a bit challenging, but it is absolutely not impossible.

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starting a blog